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(computer science) the process of carrying out an instruction by a computer

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The base current, drawn by the instruction execution, could be measured when target instruction is executed simultaneously.
7 [micro]s instruction execution time and 140 [micro]s base scan time.
The instruction execution subsystem acts as a consumer, since it attempts to execute instructions placed in the instruction window.
Not only did RISC processors demonstrate more parallelism through better pipelining, but the resulting simplification of the hardware made tractable the idea of dispatching multiple instructions simultaneously (superscalar(1)) and enabled implementation of the heretofore mainframe-domain concepts of dynamic instruction reordering and out-of-order instruction execution on single-chip microprocessors.
A weighted composite of all of the instruction execution rates for a typical job mix (or benchmark) is a better representation.
They will demonstrate how a debugger can provide power profiles and other methods that allow power consumption to be synchronized with instruction execution.
On-site inspections will be carried out in accordance with the Instruction execution eligibility control surface, which is attached as Appendix 2 to the model contract annexed No.
In cases where an over-temperature condition is detected, the chip reduces the rate of instruction execution to remain within an acceptable, user-defined temperature envelope.
Using Intel's "Mobile Optimized Micro Architecture" and advanced power management features, the Celeron M is said to excel in fast instruction execution at a low power drain.
If the branch conditions are available, branches are immediately resolved; otherwise, instruction execution continues speculatively.
Contract award: Delivery, assembly, installation, configuration, commissioning and commissioning of equipment and consumables, software and instruction execution finished job position for two laboratories for professional advertising organization techniques for the project
0 accelerates software simulation by concurrent instruction execution on a general-purpose CPU and a grid of VLIW processors supported by an ultra-high bandwidth memory architecture.
It uses a new "simplified" instruction set and satisfies the key aspects of RISC designs (limited and simple instruction set; maximum use of registers and minimal references to memory; and emphasis on optimizing the instruction execution pipeline).
Example: an increase in power per clock of 20% is offset by a 3x speed up in instruction execution.
The exactness of the coorelation between the program clock and the wall clock depends primarily on the quality of the instruction execution times used to compute quantum execution times.