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organized as or forming an institution

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With a penchant for our religious institutionalism, our Christendom way of being church, we keep on doing the same thing over and over, like we are driven by some ingrained inflexibility.
Through an ideational institutionalism Beate Kohler-Koch (2002) explains the discursive mechanisms behind gaining support from domestic actors with diverging policy goals.
The second path, democratic institutionalism, is less firmly rooted in Latin American history, although democratic ideals trace back to the independence period.
Utility Sector and Electricity Sector Reforms in the Context of New Institutionalism
New institutionalism is also made up of three different analytical perspectives: sociological institutionalism, historical institutionalism and rational choice institutionalism (HALL, TAYLOR, 1996).
Vivien Schmidt most recently identified discursive institutionalism as an approach "that takes account of the substantive content of ideas and the interactive processes of discourse that serve to generate those ideas and communicate them to the public" (Schmidt 2011).
Never mind that the public prosecutor used to be the head judge for "National Security" in Egypt for seven years and is hinted in the LA Times to be a victim of institutionalism.
The New Theories section addresses adapting North's Institutionalism to the media in two of the chapters; ideas (a loosely developed chapter); policy diffusion and veto theory, inter alia, are addressed in the other chapters in this section.
At times he seems to suggest that the new institutionalism is primarily about formal institutions, or that institutions can be defined in terms of the formal rules of the game.
Kresnik Spahiu, leader of the Red-Black Union, says that the institutionalism of the collective crime brings not only the destiny of Albanians into danger, but also Macedonia's future.
Connected with policy analysis approaches, theories on institutionalism have been proven to be particularly useful.
We revisit the origins in institutionalist theory of such arguments and suggest that applications of institutionalism to the case of NATO suffer from two major shortcomings.
However, despite much talk about the "varieties of capitalism" in comparative institutionalism and comparative political economy, an "institutional theory of capitalism" seems largely missing.
Future research would seek to draw and build on the wide literature on the topic that has emerged since Hirschman published his classic almost forty years ago, especially in studies of management and sociological institutionalism.
argue that ethnography can provide empirical strategies consistent with Patsy Healey's institutionalism.