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Synonyms for instillation

the introduction of a liquid (by pouring or injection) drop by drop

a liquid that is instilled drop by drop

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Intravesical instillation of gentamicin sulfate: In vitro, rat, canine, and human studies.
Patients will be randomized 2: 1 to receive either 8 mg instillation of Qapzola or placebo post-TURBT.
Key Words: Bladder cancer, transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT), intravesical instillation, nursing care, symptom assessment.
The study of Andrei Goldstein (3) et al for preventing postoperative pain by local anaesthetic instillation after laparoscopic gynaecologic surgery placebo with Bupivacaine and Ropivacaine, he used 20 mL of 0.
Previous adult and paediatric studies have consistently reported the adverse effects of saline instillation on arterial oxygenation, [12-17] levels of dyspnoea, [18] and other haemodynamic parameters.
Findings suggestive of reactive arthritis, as opposed to septic arthritis, include the onset of oligoarticular or polyarticular arthritis a few weeks after the last BCG instillation.
Conclusion: The combined use of Foley's catheter balloon with extra amniotic instillation of PGF2-alpha is more efficacious than the Foley's catheter balloon with traction alone.
This is the approach that Namibian visual artists Christine Skowski and Raphael Scriba have in their art instillation at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC).
Subjects were wearing lenses for at least five hours per day and were examined at the following intervals: before administration of Blink-N-Clean eye drops, five minutes after the first instillation of Blink-N-Clean eye drops, and 14 days after first use of Blink-N-Clean eye drops.
Purpose: The aim of this phase lb/Ila study was to investigate the maximum tolerable concentration of Abnobaviscum[R] Frax-ini 20 mg for intravesical instillation in patients with superficial bladder cancer.
THE ECHO printed my letter, Road sign clutter, highlighting the instillation of five traffic signs along a 100 metre stretch of Kensington on April 18.
The company said that the Phase 1 study is required by the local regulatory authorities and is designed to enrol up to six patients and determine the safety and pharmacokinetics of an immediate instillation of apaziquone in the bladder following transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURBT), followed by six weekly instillations of apaziquone in the bladder, starting week four.
Bakken prefers the nasogastric tube for instillation.
In just about 10 seconds, the CAM Rescue Cath[TM] clears endotracheal tube obstructions without saline instillation, tube exchange or reintubation.