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Synonyms for instigator

Synonyms for instigator

one who agitates, especially politically

Synonyms for instigator

a person who initiates a course of action


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The post Instigator of Daniela Rosca murder jailed for 15 years appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Outside court, Bannatyne, who resigned from her job and could be struck off, said: "I'm pleased the sheriff said I wasn't the instigator.
However, the instigator holds full control over the innovation trajectory.
The security forces will not tolerate instigators of sedition and disorder who offend their society and homeland, and become tools in the hands of the enemies of the homeland and nation," the Security Spokesman confirmed.
The Georgia House passed controversial legislation at the end of March that will require schools to notify parents when their child is involved in bullying, whether he or she is an instigator or victim.
In the last year of Chester City Council, she was chairman of the environment committee and was the instigator of the siting of the "changing places" toilet facility for disabled people in Chester.
Asked about why the bodyguards were arrested, he said ignoring the motive and the instigator.
PC Anthony Kelly, of Durham Police, who is investigating the attack, said the main instigator was a man in his late teens to early 20s with a distinctive hairstyle.
Hopefully scary Harriet, the instigator of this cover-up, will be the first to get her P45.
Theoneste Bagosora, the chief instigator of the massacres, was guilty of crimes against humanity is entirely appropriate.
The analysis, called "Why We Fight: How Public Schools Cause Social Conflict," also points to textbooks that show different races and cultures as another unavoidable instigator.
The home side edged ahead in the 35th minute, Chris Greenacre the instigator with a pass for Kevin Ellison who struck left-footed from the edge of the box.
com developed a basic set of guidelines for how to avoid being an air rage instigator.
Venerated in Denmark and instigator of the idea of this book, Sorensen wrote the piece without the benefit of very much scholarship.