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the arch of the foot

the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the arch of the foot

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FACTORS INSTEP GRAFT FULL THICKNESS GRAFT 1 Colour match with Very good ++ Hyperpigmented surrounding skin 2 Epithelialisation Almost complete with Patchy loss healed minimal patchy loss by secondary healed by secondary intention intention ++ 4 Durability Good Longer ++ 5 Texture match Good ++ Good 6 Donor site morbidity Less Absent, closed primarily Instep Graft
Rep dec rnd every other rnd 4 (6, 8) more times, then every rnd 5 times--16 sts rem: 8 sts each for instep and sole.
Caption: Figure 4: Ken's Moccasins after side seam repair, name change in the instep lane, and paint restoration.
InStep Software offers a synchrophasor data management module for the eDNA data management platform.
She has worked for prestigious publications such as Instep and Xpoze magazine.
No need now to put up with it or resort to the heel on the instep, far less the boiling drink.
As a part of InStep , the company's Global Internship Program, Infosys has hosted 88 interns from UK since 2004, of which 18 students have interned with Infosys in the last year.
Post release the palmar defects were covered primarily using medium thickness plantar skin graft from foot instep. First dressing was changed after two weeks with advice to splint the fingers for six months.
Protective sparring gear in Olympic TKD consists of soft foam head gear, forearm and shin pads, instep pads, lightly padded gloves, a mouth guard, dense foam thorax/abdomen guard (hogu), and a groin protector.
We present the case of a 36-year-old woman diagnosed with plantar fibromatosis affecting her left instep in 1987, age 15 years old.
Research has been done employing kinematic analysis to some degree, in order to study multi-joint movements during inside and instep soccer kicks (Asami and Nolte, 1983; Levanon and Dapena, 1998; Nunome et al., 2002; Luhtanen, 1988; Putnam, 1991).
"They did not launch the ball with the hands, like we do, but with the instep of their bare feet, passing it and controlling it with great agility and precision."
The upper of the sandal is composed of synthetic leather, while the instep of your foot is covered with breathable, stretch-knit lining.
It is being trialled in New Zealand by behavioural healthcare company Instep.
The Petrojet ace, who was taken off late in the first half, was initially diagnosed with an ankle problem, but further medical examinations indicated that he has a hairline fracture to his instep.