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an insect or other arthropod between molts

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Effect of optical brighteners on the insecticidal activity of a nucleopolyhedrovirus in three instars of Spodoptera frugiperda.
Two sets of three replicates each contain 10 newly molted 2nd and 5 newly molted 4th instar larvae for each concentration of each tested pesticide were used.
Interstate's total commitment to delivering the highest customer experience while expediting business recovery after a disaster makes the InStar acquisition a natural fit," said Stacy Mazur, CEO, Interstate.
Nymphs and adults were collected into snap-cap plastic vials; nymphs were determined to instar in the field and released or sorted to instar using a stereoscopic microscope.
Reduction in III and IV instars in experimental tanks was calculated using the formula below (15):
Jackson R, Barman EH, White B and Wolfe GW: A description of the third instar of Hydaticus bimarginatus (Say) (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae).
Just after eclosion, the first instar nymphs wandered for a few minutes (approximately 5 min), then moved quickly searching for a feeding site where they pierced the phloem tissue of the host plant with their stylet.
Instar A is the last intracorional instar and B is the first extracorional instar; we did not observe these instars in our study.
Destas 50 ninfas, dez eram de 1 instar, dez de 2 instar, dez de 3 instar, dez de 4 instar e dez de 5 instar, contendo no interior dessas placas de Petri, um pedaco de papel absorvente, tipo higienico, dobrado e devidamente umedecido.
Os autores verificaram que, nos frutos infestados por larvas de 1[grados] e 2[grados instar, a mortalidade foi de 100% e nos testes com larvas de 3[grados instar houve sobrevivencia de adultos nos frutos com pesos acima de 540 e de 730 g nos tempos de imersao de 75 e 90 min.
In close contact to host tissue, a shed cuticle was visible and assigned to the previous instar larva.
The larval weight was significantly elevated in 1st, 2nd and 3rd day of III instar experimental larvae over control.
Buyers include Bach, Gerrard + Tan, Tom Schierlitz, Richard Mishaan, Sugar Ray Properties, Morgik Metal, Abhaya Home Furnishings, Gigantic, Supply & Demand, Rob Millis, Instar Capital, Blue 9 Capital, and DeSimone, Aviles, Shorter and Oxamendi, LLP.
Reproductive biology, fecundity, egg diameter size, and instar lengths are provided for Orconectes (F.
The Expo's Platinum Sponsor was Instar, the Gold Sponsors were Coinmach and Crawford, Smith and Sharp, and the Silver Sponsors included Newsletter Exchange, Apartment Finder and Contractors Inc.