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represent by an instance

find an instance of (a word or particular usage of a word)

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Here, we can get the iUML-B state machines of Sub5 and Sub7 just by instantiating the strong-weak synchronization pattern state machines into the instance state machines.
Basically, we solve the instance by instantiating the variable chosen by running a "quick test" on some random subproblems and then, we let one specific heuristic solve the rest of the instance.
Alberti's famous evocation of Florence cathedral (in fact, Alberti does not specify the dome, as Eriksen implies) is analyzed as "architecturally composed" and as instantiating Alberti's particular interest in the moral aspect of all design work, whether literary or architectural.
The disadvantage of blindly instantiating the first variable in the whole universe could be avoided by an algorithm that combines properties of multirelation spatial join and window reduction.
The only purpose of the image is to provide a means of instantiating the CGI program.
Designers can achieve relatively high speeds without resorting to complicated performance-enhancing design techniques, such as data pipelining or instantiating macros in HDL code.
The phenomenon of a single item instantiating several natural kinds is ubiquitous in nature.
Such pictures depict properties as instantiated, but do not depict any particular as instantiating them.
Cloning prototype(4) models, conceptualizing general models from examples and instantiating' models constitute rigorous means for moving from one level' to another, thus allowing designers to employ both bottom-up and top-down approaches [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
According to Minkoswki, Einstein's special theory of relativity (STR) reveals that "space by itself, and time by itself are doomed to fade away into mere shadows." But perceptual experience represents objects as instantiating shapes like squareness--properties of "space by itself." Thus, STR seems to threaten the veridicality of shape experience.
- Instantiating this strategy adaptive development paths with short, medium and long term measures;
How, that is, does A's instantiating B make A wrong?
In particular, in selecting citations for his Trattato (published in 1525), Aron, Judd argues, "accepts Petrucci's authority as arbiter of repertory in a way that simultaneously bolsters his own credibility by instantiating his writing with references to printed sources, available in multiple copies with fixed notation" (57).
For example, Armstrong takes the simple law that all Fs are Gs to be the state of affairs consisting of F and G, first-order properties instantiated by particulars, instantiating the second-order relation of nomic necessitation.
Although some users were unfamiliar with the name, the activity of instantiating apparently looked close to a meaning that was conventional to them--something they called compiling.