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Synonyms for instalment



Synonyms for instalment

a part of a broadcast serial

the act of installing something (as equipment)

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The first instalment must be paid at the latest on the last day of the month on which a person has accepted the scheme.
The spokesperson said about property L53 Emirates Hills, Senator Dar entered into a purchase contract for the said property on 03 August, 2005, under which he was to pay the price of Dirhams 7,066,000/- to Emirates Hills Phase I LLC in 4 instalments from 03.
Option 2--Pay l/4th of the preceding year's tax liability (first instalment base);
Dubai: Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, on Thursday issued a resolution allowing Dubai residents to pay fines in instalments.
The new resolution annuls the Executive Council's Resolution No (40) of 2011 on instalments of traffic valuations in Dubai and any other resolution contradicts its articles.
He expected sales of automotive agents and distributors to decline by 30% in 2016, confirming that the decision will positively impact the direct instalment companies.
ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board has approved revised schedule for payment of instalments by the allotees in respect of its Park Enclave Housing Scheme (PEHS).
In the Company's second quarter financial statements, the full amount of the balance of the receivable then owing was written off because only US$200,000 of the instalment due on July 30, 2004 had been received.
TSX:TRT) announced today that it has received a further instalment payment of US$850,000 from Guilin South Rubber (Group) Corporation ("GSRGC").
20 per instalment receipt for the quarter ended March 31, 1998, to Unitholders of record March 31, 1998, payable on April 15, 1998.
The Units of the Trust were offered on an instalment basis, and prior to payment of the final instalment, the Units will be represented by instalment receipts.
The purchase price in respect of the units was payable on an instalment receipt basis.
the "Manager"), manager of the Shiningbank Energy Income Fund (the "Fund"), today announced its quarterly distribution to holders of Instalment Receipts.
The purchase price of $15 per Unit is payable on an instalment basis and, prior to payment of the final instalment, the Units will be represented by instalment receipts.
00 per unit, were sold on an instalment receipt basis.