installment credit

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a loan repaid with interest in equal periodic payments

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Vehicle loans, the largest portion of installment credit, rose 14% to $292.4 billion in August.
In terms of revolving credit, Citibank (Taiwan) held the highest of NT$19.9 billion (US$663.33 million) among issuers while Chinatrust had the highest installment credit due of NT$10.3 billion (US$343.33 million).
The origin of installment credit in this country was born out of doing business with people we know--a segment we might call "friends." Customers would buy from the local grocer on credit and then pay them back as they could, which for farmers it was often after harvest.
Summary: Global Investment House -- Commercial Facilities Company (CFC)- Commercial Facilities Company (CFC) is a Kuwait-based shareholding company specializes in consumer finance by providing installment credit facilities for new and used cars, marine equipment, furniture and electrical appliances.
Also to fall under Schmidt's authority are Atradius' bonding, installment credit protection and Dutch state business units, as well as the company's reinsurance office.
Among the first and most glaring discrepancies the authors found was the use of consumer credit: "About one-half of all Americans both approve of and use installment credit. At the other extreme, only one-fourth of the Germans approve of it, and only one out of ten actually has any installment debt." (1) Well before the massive proliferation of credit cards that began in the late 1960s, consumer credit had become an integral part of modern consumer economies, albeit on one side of the Atlantic much more so than on the other.
The FNB building is historically significant as the site where the country's first credit card was issued in 1952, giving rise to the modern installment credit industry.
The combination of Central Finance and the three Sumitomo-Mitsui group firms will create the nation's third-largest player in the consumer installment credit industry.
Unlike installment credit programs such as those used to finance $50,000 inground-pool purchases over a 15- or 30-year time period, these revolving credit situations have numerous benefits.
People bought furniture in June [while rates stayed low], as Haverty can do installment credit and people can buy on the long term," Hastings said.
The releases transmitted to the economic bulletin board, on a regular basis, are the following: Reference Number Statistical release Frequency of release H.3 Aggregate Reserves Weekly/Thursday H.4.1 Factors Affecting Reserve Weekly/Thursday Balances H.6 Money Stock Weekly/Thursday H.8 Assets and Liabilities of Insured Weekly/Monday Domestically Chartered and Foreign Related Banking Institutions H.10 Foreign Exchange Rates Weekly/Monday H.15 Selected Interest Rates Weekly/Monday G.5 Foreign Exchange Rates Monthly/end of month G.17 Industrial Production and Monthly/midmonth Capacity Utilization G.19 Consumer Installment Credit Monthly/fifth business day Z.1 Flow of Funds Quarterly
The traditional view of rent-to-own is that RTO contracts are fundamentally installment credit contracts with the desperate or uninformed consumer vulnerable to exploitation.
The same $250 television set bought through department store installment credit at 19.8 percent interest over 18 months would cost the consumer $291.06 -- or $723 less than the purchase through a rent-to-own scheme.
The consumer loan delinquency rate is useful in predicting consumer spending on durable goods and retail sales, while various economic indicators are useful in predicting the ratio of consumer installment credit to disposable income.
For Calder, however, no variety of consumer lending was as culturally interesting as installment credit, with its insistence on steady payments and the legal right to repossession it gave to sellers.