installment buying

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a system for paying for goods by installments

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The overtly critical tone of 1950s anti-credit rhetoric abated somewhat by the 1960s, but installment buying peaked during the mid-1950s and then leveled off between 13-14% of retail sales well into the 1960s.
All of them were using different approaches to select members, however, at least Rotating Savings and Installment Buying were restricting membership to gender, mainly women, while the Fixed-fund association had only men members.
The purveyors of installment buying, of course, promoted the idea of more and increasingly expensive consumption.
Plenty of people are strangled by installment buying.
"Nationally and in Arkansas, to achieve these numbers people will have to be doing some installment buying," LaFace says.
That is, like Americans everywhere, they based their standard of living on installment buying or credit, and their fear of losing their job or living for several weeks without a paycheck during a strike was a basic factor in the failure of the TWUA to succeed in the South.
The Federal Reserve System instituted curbs on installment buying.