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a payment of part of a debt

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a part of a broadcast serial

the act of installing something (as equipment)

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For other new installment agreements, the fee rises from $43 to $105.
Although the shareholders may want to sell some of the corporation's assets for an installment note, IRC section 453(a)(2) bars installment reporting of the asset sale by the corporation.
In addition to allowing taxpayers to request installment agreements at the time of filing, the IRS has made several other improvements to installment agreement procedures:
c) in the year 2017 - 400 000,00 PLN (4 installments of 100 000,00 PLN)
These fees would apply only to new installment agreements--those in effect 30 days after publication of final rules in the Federal Register.
in Minneapolis, told the Journal that many of his clients received payment requests for the third installment payment due in 1996.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently released figures from the Federal Reserve Board show consumer installment credit outstanding declined by $959 million in August for the seventh month in a row.
The Polaris Installment Financing Program will provide a variety of financing options for Polaris dealers and attractive customer terms, including seasonal promotions.
6655-6 generally would require a taxpayer to compute taxable income for an installment period using the accounting method for computing taxable income for the tax year for which the estimated tax is being computed.
Our experience to date with CustomCash validates the consumer demand for this type of product and demonstrates our ability to successfully market, underwrite and collect an installment loan product in the United States marketplace.
2017 - 11 installments each of 8 and 12 333,00 PLN installment of 8 337,00 PLN
For installment sales, nontaxable exchanges, charitable contributions or gifts and inheritances, the Code provides special rules when applying Sec.
Individuals unable to pay their income taxes in full can request installment agreements by filing form 9465 with their returns.
has introduced its PainFree Installment Purchase Plan, a program that makes it simple and easy for chiropractic practices that want to participate in the trend towards paperless electronic processes to acquire and use ACOM's RAPID EMR(TM) clinical e-documentation and office reporting solution, it was announced today by Vice President Gregory T.
Although the client will ultimately transfer property to the trust via an installment or other sale, a third party is the TPT's settlor, (1) and the only transferor who can gift assets to it; hence, the name "third-party mast.