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Synonyms for installing

the act of installing something (as equipment)

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The company is installing a 122x108 Metso Texas Shredder unit equipped with a 7,000-hp motor at its Portland facility--one of the largest shredder models available.
To date, property owners and managers have held off in purchasing PL materials and installing them.
Are there cases in which installing sprinkler systems might not be possible?
Dataram's upgrade is a simpler and more reliable method of installing memory.
Users are frequently advised to shut down all other programs--even anti-virus protection--when installing new Windows software.
A year after installing an unusual new process-cooling system, Venture Packaging molds 10% more containers on 25% fewer presses with 46% fewer workers and 50% less scrap.
Home owners are installing security systems in record numbers, up nearly 40% last year, according to alarm manufacturer SecurityLink.
Southland Greyhound Park located in West Memphis, Arkansas is installing PokerPro[TM] tables in their new racetrack casino.
Despite the law's compliance deadline, millions of NYC residents are still vulnerable to accidental CO poisoning as landlords work through the task of installing these important life-saving devices in the buildings and apartments they manage.
a 50-employee 150-ton per month nobake foundry in Talladega, Alabama, had that exact problem when it decided to increase its production levels by installing a new nobake molding line.
Targeting all PC user's, BIOS Wizard will enable the User to determine precise system information regarding the BIOS installed on the system, resulting in reduced compatibility issues and trouble shooting time when installing and/or upgrading a PC with new hardware and/or software.
Installing a new CPU (also called a microprocessor) is a fast, economical way to boost the performance of an aging PC.
The cost of purchasing and installing a shared-processor network can be half what an equivalent LAN would cost and about two-thirds the cost of an equivalent peer-to-peer network.
Fort Hood is leading by example in energy conservation, by installing VendingMisers(R) on 600 vending machines located across the base, which houses a mix of military and civilian personnel.