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Synonyms for installing

the act of installing something (as equipment)

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Louis, has been installing or upgrading shredding plants at five of its locations, with an agreement struck with Metso Texas Shredder to supply models ranging in size from 80x104 to 98x104.
To date, property owners and managers have held off in purchasing PL materials and installing them.
Dataram's upgrade is a simpler and more reliable method of installing memory.
Users are frequently advised to shut down all other programs--even anti-virus protection--when installing new Windows software.
Also ask if the company's employees are trained and/or certified by a trade organization and if the company conducts preemployment screening, since you don't want unscreened employees inspecting and installing a security system in your home.
First Alert, the leading manufacturer of home-safety' products, is working with fire services officials in New York City to ensure homeowners, renters, building managers and landlords understand the importance of installing CO alarms not only to comply with the new law, but also to save lives.
As a worldwide leader and provider of CPU Upgrades we needed a solution for determining the compatibility level of the BIOS's installed in our Customer's systems prior to installing a new CPU Upgrade and adding new hardware and software.
Installing a new motherboard can also free up expansion slots that will let you expand your PC to your heart's content.
The cost of purchasing and installing a shared-processor network can be half what an equivalent LAN would cost and about two-thirds the cost of an equivalent peer-to-peer network.
Fort Hood is leading by example in energy conservation, by installing VendingMisers(R) on 600 vending machines located across the base, which houses a mix of military and civilian personnel.
You'll want to consider the following questions before purchasing and installing PL materials:
This spring, in addition to carrying 18 units and installing two more murals, Petersen tried her hand at teaching with a beginning ceramics class.
Microsoft kernel patch protection prevents security software developers from installing security software at the kernel level, an approach that developers use to ensure security against malware applications.
He said installing the software on their home computers is no different than installing the same software on computers provided to them at City Hall or to the computers of any city employees at the office.