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  • verb

Synonyms for install

Synonyms for install

to put in or assign to a certain position or location

to admit formally into membership or office, as with ritual

to place securely in a position or condition

Synonyms for install

put into an office or a position

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The DStv installer app enables dealers to assign jobs to accredited installers within a specific area, whilst ensuring that our customers benefit from reduced waiting times and the pre-knowledge of their installer's identity.
IDEA also is the education and training arm of the industry, having produced hundreds of professional development seminars since 1997, and developed training videos for residential installers and commercial operator technicians.
4 percent of respondents, more than one in three installers interviewed, carry SolarWorld.
We seek to help our installers grow and delight their customers.
Honouring those who constantly deliver an outstanding service for homeowners, the awards set out to shine a spotlight on the most dedicated and hard-working heating installers across the UK.
The Heating Installer of the Year Awards is searching for installers who can show that they've done an exceptional job - from the work carried out and the challenges overcome to customer satisfaction levels.
4) New Intel Galileo installer with bootable SD feature
Both Sierra and Eco-Tect are installers of fiberglass and cellulose insulation.
In their shorter version, the Sleeve Installers are used as end plugs to process manhole to manhole liners (deformed and reshaped, expanded and CIPP liners).
We are prepared to commit the Installer brand and its resources to delivering a plumbing and heating exhibition that's t-for-purpose, delivers a unique visitor experience, and has the backing of the industry to ensure it can grow year-on-year into the world-class event UK installers deserve," Eoin said.
NECC regional engineering manager, Lindsey Thornton, said: "Glass installers now must have the new FENSA-recognised qualification to comply with tighter building regulations, which have been designed to make the installation and handling of glass safer.
Only window and door installers who can meet certain standards can be registered with Fensa, or other glazing competent person scheme.
net, an online sales collaboration tool that connects solar installers and commercial solar customers through the sales process.
In fact, some municipalities require that solar PV installers have an electrician's license.
The training program, being designed by the Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (CIDWT), is the first national training program for installers of onsite wastewater systems.