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Synonyms for install

Synonyms for install

to put in or assign to a certain position or location

to admit formally into membership or office, as with ritual

to place securely in a position or condition

Synonyms for install

put into an office or a position

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Thirteen industrial water cannons were also installed to ensure the surface irrigation of most of the coal store.
We are committed to protecting our customers from unauthorized software that is installed on computers, especially when this software attempts to contact servers on the Internet," said Dean Drako, president and CEO of Barracuda Networks.
We installed it remotely with DiagWin and had no problems at all.
Today, Masthof has a thriving digital book publishing business using a recently installed Xerox Nuvera 120 Digital Production System.
3) The warrant must include a command that the device be installed within 10 days or less from the time the warrant is issued and during the daytime unless the magistrate, for good cause shown, authorizes another time, along with a command that there will be a return on the warrant.
has installed its second Lollini machine--an ALC706FD shear/baler.
If you run into Marc Cohen of Burbank in a parking lot somewhere in the San Fernando Valley and he notices your child's car or booster seat is improperly installed, prepare for a thorough safety lesson -- whether you want it or not.
The SEER or HSPF ratings on HVAC equipment represent the absolute best efficiency that you could ever hope to achieve, assuming the other components are all designed and installed to work in conjunction with this piece of equipment.
Toscotec, Capannori, Lucca, Italy will deliver a single-layer headbox to be installed on an existing double wire machine for Potlatch Corp.
In addition, the refractory can be installed using bulk packaging lifted by cranes and can be added to fill a large inductor case completely in 10 min.
Usually this happens because the current EMS software isn't installed on their maintenance support device (MSD).
Also included is the maintenance, care and upkeep of the installed watering system including occasional repairs and replacement of parts.
One of the most common problems that mess up computers is an application or a program upgrade that's defective or has been installed incorrectly.
Equipped with the installer for Windows, "XOOPS for SpaceTag Server" can be installed onto a Windows environment with just a double click on the icon, just like any other Windows applications.
The WTC had installed Photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) safety markings following the February 26, 1993 bombing in the parking garage.
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