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Synonyms for inspirit

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

Synonyms for inspirit

infuse with spirit

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In the past year, Inspirit has acquired properties in the greater Memphis area as well as in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
This proposed method, not signals are generated internally that control the select of the output multiplexers, Inspirit of the input signal, exhibiting a full voltage swing and no extra delay, is used to drive the multiplexers, reduce the overall propagation delays, The capacitive load for the input has been reduced and connected only to some transistor gates and some drain or source terminals.
To test whether the affective prime would affect how individuals perceive their relationship to God, a two-way MANCOVA was conducted on aspects of the INSPIRIT, DSES, SWLS, and RSES using the SAI as a covariate with priming focus (God or parents) and priming affect (positive or negative) as factors.
The market note from Inspirit Energy said that working closely with Utilitywise, their experienced service delivery and management capabilities, will greatly accelerate the introduction of its Stirling Engine based micro-CHP products across the market sector.
For the current study, we made minor language adjustments to the first six INSPIRIT items to expand the terminology from a reference solely to "religious" experiences to terminology that would include spirituality.
The researchers hypothesis that both the score of the INSPIRIT and amount of involvement in Campus Ministry would correlate with a higher GPA was incorrect.
Faulkner's aspiration remains the resolution to move, to change, to inspirit the essence of life that is motion, as he said, in the strangely animated, partial embodiments of his prose.
Here you will find everything from Cognac and Cherry Liqueur from Amathus Wines, Frangelico Liqueur, a delicious hazelnut drink from Northern Italy and the smooth, dark Opal Nera Sambuca from Inspirit Brands, or why not enjoy one of three perfectly mixed premium spirit cocktails from Tapio drinks - no shaking required
My natural surroundings from the most trivial to the most extensive inspirit me.
The range of the INSPIRIT scale is from 1 to 4, with higher values representing higher levels of spirituality.
Following the failure of the Russians to accept American terms--"no fight, no aid"--the Wilson administration fell back on a quixotic program of propaganda that sought to inspirit the Russian people.
Those who could not be present in person were there inspirit, as the e-mails poured in from around the world.
Close inspirit to Italian arte povera or the mytho-poetics of Joseph Beuys and sometimes seeming to anticipate the work of younger artists like Kiki Smith, Simotova's work remains v ery contemporary.