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stimulating or exalting to the spirit


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They've mined the collection for artistic gems both famous and obscure, and their exhibition strongly reflects recent revisions of the canon, with admirable representation of women and artists of color, and long-central figures inspiringly juxtaposed with once-peripheral ones (e.
But, although Spillane's intent is noble and the message is inspiringly positive, the execution is problematic.
Firstly, visitors are presented with the challenges that the country faces, and next, inspiringly, the solutions that it is implementing to meet these challenges.
They at times yield huge payoffs, particularly in Chapter 2, which presents an inspiringly creative juxtaposition of literary texts with material objects.
Inspiringly, this study adds to the growing body of evidence that cognitive activity enhances cognitive abilities, even in the advanced decades of life or in the context of illness.
She spoke inspiringly about her desire to see women ordained to the priesthood, which I dutifully put into a news story.
El Greco inspiringly mastered the latent connections between the legendary role of Evangelist Luke as a painter of Marian icons and the Western perception that painting is a divine activity--one governed by "angelic artists" who depict a spiritual endeavor rather than the slavish imitation of natural forms (21-32).
The ability and confidence may have varied from musician to musician but they were united, and inspiringly so, by their desire to make their own mark on this music called jazz.
That inspiringly simple idea was the catalyst which led to the creation of Halen Mon (Anglesey Sea Salt).
At the same time, the overall feel of the spaces --and above all the galleries--is resolutely and inspiringly modern, and they naturally benefit from all manner of appropriately state-of-the-art technologies.
He talks to Elton John and David Furnish about being inspiringly open, and bravely visits places (like India, above) where it's a crime to be gay.
How to Get a Wagon" is inspiringly framed in highlighted text and visually amplified with clear pastel illustrations.
It is well-researched, beautifully filmed and inspiringly scored with original music by former Parachute Club lead singer Lorraine Segato.
Because Apocalucy inspiringly proves what deliciously fruitful hard work it is ministering to more than a hundred apocalypses, especially those of our own invention.
This awe- inspiringly beautiful yet isolated stretch of land is also home to some of the country's richest mineral, natural gas, salt and crude oil ores.