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stimulating or exalting to the spirit


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In an Instagram story, Maine posted a photo of her holding the plaque for her "Most Inspiring Celebrity" award.
- Lulu Sammarco, an inspiring 11-year-old cancer survivor speaks about cancer awareness, girls' empowerment, and more.
Charity Active Communities has organised the 100 Voices of Inspiring Women event in Johnstone Town Hall.
The latest show celebrates the spiritual value of #Ramadan with an inspiring display of the painter Art Noor.
The three events taking place in January are: Inspiring Minds: Sport, Tuesday, January 16, 9.30am-3pm, James France Building,Inspiring Minds: STEM, Wednesday, January 17, 9.30am-3pm, West Park Teaching Hub, Inspiring Minds: Business and Economics - Thursday, January 18, 9.30am-3pm, James France Building.
KUWAIT, Nov 26 (KUNA) -- "Those Who Inspire" is a book first published in 2011 with the aim of shedding light on inspiring people from various countries from around the world, but the book has transformed into something bigger, an inspiring work and movement.
Paul Baron, principal/Pacific business group manager, GHD, said, "I felt like a winner before I even came up to the stage — simply being at the event and surrounded by so many outstanding project nominees was inspiring! We are extremely proud that our project in Advancing Construction Management was among the nominees honored at the 2016 Be Inspired Awards.
LAUNCHED in 2004, the Inspiring Leader award was introduced to ensure that BYPY not only celebrated the breadth of young professionals in Birmingham but also the leaders that have inspired, mentored and taught them how to succeed.
Lydia, a former St Christopher's School teacher and co-creator of Sar Music Centre (SMC) which crashed after suffering vast financial losses following the unrest in Bahrain, is confident her new venture will strike a chord with the community.She said: "I have always loved inspiring people, especially children so now I've decided that this is my mission in life in more ways than one."Inspire Bahrain is a community-based project, she says, offering opportunities in all the arts through its new centre and a planned festival next month.The centre will offer music and drama tuition as well as activities for mums and babies, toddlers, students and adults wishing to be 'inspired by enthusiastic and well-trained international musicians, dramatists, poets and artists'.
Inspire brings together 100 of the country's most inspiring women from all fields and industries, such as Irma Adlawan, Andi Manzano, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Kai Magsanoc, Margie Moran, Nene Chan, Angel Guerrero, Kara Alikpala, Wilma Galvante, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon, Ingrid Santamaria, and Merlee Jayme.
Seeing others enjoy the fruit of my labor is also inspiring." Dorothy M.
Inspiring the Future is a free service in which people from all sectors and professions volunteer to go into state secondary schools and colleges to talk about their jobs, careers, apprenticeships and the education routes they took.
Fit to Inspire believes that fitness and wellbeing should be accessible to all women, no matter what their fitness level, and embraces the concept of inspiring one another and exercising together to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Inspire Pakistan is neither an entity nor an organization rather a movement being led by group of volunteers who believe in the true spirit of Pakistan and are devoted to own and celebrate all inspiring things about Pakistan and Pakistanis.
The survey, which polled more than 1,000 Americans nationwide, found that those who scored high on the inspiration index cited taking a coffee break as one of their most inspiring activities.