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stimulating or exalting to the spirit


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People seem to go about inspiring in very different ways," said Joe Folkman, President of Zenger Folkman.
Father Paul Dobson gave an inspiring homily on this topic at the Mass celebrated by Bishop Robert Clune.
THERE'S something inspiring about how people respond to life's challenges and it's particularly moving if the person who responds is a child.
They "are inspiring because they have found a way to be themselves and to do that in a world that doesn't necessarily want them to be who they are.
To stand at the top of the highest peak in Antarctica was inspiring," says Swarner.
It is inspiring to see that at the age of 93 Parks continues to share his dreams and assess his life.
Barbie is about aspiration and inspiring girls to explore a world of possibilities, and now today's woman can do that in beauty with the Barbie Loves MAC collection.
In 2007, we take Hot Wheels[R] speed, power and performance to the next level - inspiring kids with a little healthy competition to "Beat That[R]" with a full line of outdoor-friendly, performance-inspired toys, including the Hot Wheels[R] Racing Timer, Hot Wheels[R] Electronic Speed Meter* and Hot Wheels[R] V-rroom[TM] toys.