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  • verb

Synonyms for inspire

Synonyms for inspire

to arouse the emotions of; make ardent

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to draw air into the lungs in the process of respiration

Synonyms for inspire

supply the inspiration for

Related Words

serve as the inciting cause of

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

fill with revolutionary ideas

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THE second West Cheshire Poverty Truth Commission (WCPTC) launched at Storyhouse in Chester, bringing together a new group of community inspirers with civic and business leaders to look at how poverty is tackled across the borough.
Community inspirers, who are residents with lived experience of poverty, shared their stories with more than 150 people from different sectors at the launch, and explained why they have decided to get involved with the second WCPTC.
The commission creates a safe space for community inspirers to put experiences across to civic and business leaders, providing a chance for those who can influence decisions to listen and think differently about poverty.
"We hope to create local drop-ins or hubs in each of the four locality across Dumfries and Galloway, where people will be able to speak with staff and sensory inspirers to get advice on the latest equipment and technology, get emotional support, practical advice or chat with someone who has the same lived experience and has overcame the challenges and obstacles presented by their sight or hearing impairment.
Copping the top prize was Team Inspirers for their project Areka leaf tableware made out of fallen leaf spathes of coconut palm trees.
Opening the service, the Dean of Westminster, the Very Rev Dr Wesley Carr, spoke of the dedication of the millions of people who have served and still serve in the NHS and the gratitude to the founders and inspirers of the NHS, and all those who had supplied "the wisdom, enthusiasm and resources to enable it to serve our people".
"What is delivered in Wigtownshire may be different from the course that runs in Nithsdale and that will be a result of our sensory inspirers writing and delivering the course to their peers."
This forward thinking approach has enabled residents within the borough, now called community inspirers, to fully engage in the whole process and play an equal part in the decision making process it believes.
Commission chairman David Briggs, Cheshire's lord lieutenant, said: "The impact on our community inspirers over the past 18 months has been transformational.
The commission says it has had an impact on all the organisations which have been involved while the community inspirers have worked with organisations to improve procedures, make websites more accessible and easy to navigate and revise letters sent to residents to make them more reader-friendly.