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a leader who stimulates and excites people to action

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Au fil de mes annees en tant que vice-presidente de l'ouest du Canada, j'ai compris qu'un effort concerte serait necessaire pour inspirer les professionnels de la sante en nephrologie a devenir membre de l'ACITN et a batir une communaute nationale visant a promouvoir les meilleurs soins en nephrologie a l'echelle du pays.
Nadia cherche a inspirer au culte du mouvement a l'interieur d'une structure parfois statique qui ne demande qu'a se liberer dans l'espace et dans le temps.
He is one of the inspirer of the Code of Personal Status, she said adding that this distinction illustrates the acknowledgement of the second Republic towards all the pioneers of the reform movement including Tahar Haddad and the commitment to defend and strengthen women's rights.
As the parade leader and inspirer, Ricardo Cuellar, said, " The Magic of Christmas has one and only purpose: to present an impressive show and offer a few moments of joy and celebration to the community where I live and work for the past 9 years".
Il pourrait etre tentant de blamer <<ceux d'en haut>> alors qu'il s'agit plutot de nous inspirer de nos predecesseurs qui, a force d'opiniatrete, ont faconne cette communaute d'etudiants de tant de disciplines, et de professeurs de tant de provenances.
En cette douloureuse circonstance, SM le Roi exprime au President chinois, aux familles des victimes et a l'ensemble du peuple chinois ami, Ses vives condoleances et Ses sinceres sentiments de solidarite et de compassion, implorant le Tout-Puissant de leur inspirer patience et reconfort et d'accorder prompt retablissement aux blesses.
A group of Jewish extremists tampered with the tomb of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, the late Palestinian leader and inspirer of Palestinian Hamas Movement, on Friday morning in the city of Nesher, Israeli media reported.
The 24th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair will highlight Al Mutanabbi's personality as an inspirer, through a special dedicated pavilion at the fair which will feature an international library of Al Mutanabbi's literature, poetry collections and dissertations written about him in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish and other languages.
Cet exemple pourrait inspirer d'autres pays ; je pense a l'Egypte oE il y a eu des violences, mais les objectifs doivent etre les memes : trouver une voie democratique oE la voix de chacun est respecte", a-t-il ajoute.
It is full of actual sized reproductions of the decorated envelopes sent to Klaus Flugge, the founder and inspirer of Andersen Press, over many years.
La cherie du public a immediatement fait sentir sa presence, tant offensive que defensive, pour inspirer le depart canon des Bleues.
Pre-requisites of choosing my chief inspirer rule out some fairly plausible candidates: Despite consistently creating musical majesty which can move my tundra even now, Paul Simon is just too aloof to be sufficiently likeable; Louis de Bernieres peaked too soon; David Bowie has taken early retirement; Sylvia Plath was just too sad; while Milan Kundera is always two very clever steps ahead of any inquiring mind.
You have been more than a performer, you have been a motivator, an inspirer, an energiser and a good friend to many.
Gerrard was the organiser, the inspirer, the last-ditch defender and the man England continually looked to, especially when they began to wilt in the heat in the latter stages.