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Synonyms for inspired

Synonyms for inspired

being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods

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The philosopher only has knowledge, and yet the statesman and the poet are inspired.
Like Alcibiades he is inspired with an ardent desire of knowledge, and is equally willing to learn of Socrates and of the Sophists.
Steve Jobs inspired employees with his visionary talents, and not his rude demeanor.
GFH Financial Group ("GFH") today announced the signing of a an education agreement valued at up to $150 million with Inspired ( www.
The New York-based newly formed acquisition vehicle Hydra Industries on Thursday has made an announcement on its settlement of a definitive agreement for the acquisition of the Nasdaq-listed virtual sports betting technology provider Inspired Gaming Group and its affiliates for an amount of around 200 million (240.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 29, 2015-Bentley Park Nears Takeover of UK Lender Inspired Capital
The two men later called upon the skills of casting director Robi Reed and music producer Louis "Buster" Brown to round out what would become the core of Inspired By Media Group's production team.
Inspired new home designs and ideas for remodels are a hallmark of these new Creative Homeowner idea books, packed with detailed descriptions, plans, and coverage.
20 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SEAMUS - the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States - that will feature a composition inspired by a xylophone-playing pig.
This book has been written for those who specialize in the history of the formation of the canon of the New Testament, that is, the official list of New Testament books, those that are considered to have been inspired by God.
My dad's death inspired me to help other people who are ill.
One of the most famous women in history, her life has inspired and continues to inspire numerous scholarly studies, which, as Levin points our, range from great praise to great condemnation.
Trevor and Billy--two boys raised by single parents and inspired by teachers, show the resilience of the human spirit.
All of us look to role models from the past to guide and energize the work we do, whether it's fighting for gay rights or fighting to get a lesbian love story made into a movie, Here, a number of lesbian and gay activists and artists talk about the people who most inspired them.
Created for the Barbie[R] girl in every woman, the co-branded cosmetics collection is inspired by Barbie[R] doll's constant style and classic beauty.