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Synonyms for inspector

Synonyms for inspector

a high ranking police officer

an investigator who observes carefully

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Monsieur," returned the inspector, "providence has changed this gigantic plan you advocate so warmly.
You knew him," returned the inspector with a smile.
The very sum you named," whispered the inspector in his turn.
Overcoming his physical repugnance, Chief Inspector Heat stretched out his hand without conviction for the salving of his conscience, and took up the least soiled of the rags.
At this point the trained faculties of the Chief Inspector ceased to hear the voice of the constable.
Chief Inspector Heat got out of the train in a state of thoughtfulness entirely untainted with disloyalty, but not quite free of that jealous mistrust which so often springs on the ground of perfect devotion, whether to women or to institutions.
If an earth were overlooked, it meant some dispute as to the ownership of the land, and then and there the Hunt checked and settled it in this wise: The Governor and the Inspector side by side, but the latter half a horse's length to the rear; both bare-shouldered claimants well in front; the villagers half-mooned behind them, and Farag with the pack, who quite understood the performance, sitting down on the left.
The Inspector attended to the matter when his leave fell due.
Richard paid no attention to the inspector and discussed various matters of business with his acting-manager, who had entered the room meanwhile.
Giry, why I shouldn't ask you what happened last night to make you and the inspector call in a municipal guard
DEAR INSPECTOR MACDONALD [said the letter which he read to us]:
At least,' said Mr Inspector, with no change of voice or manner,
Mr Inspector dipped a pen in his inkstand, and deftly laid it on a piece of paper close beside him; then resumed his former attitude.
We all filed into the front room and sat round the central table while the Inspector unlocked a square tin box and laid a small heap of things before us.
The tip was guarded by a disk of cork which we found beside his body," said the Inspector.
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