inspection and repair

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periodic maintenance on a car or machine

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In recent Letter Ruling (TAM) 9618004, the IRS took the position that routine aircraft safety inspection and repair costs must be capitalized and cannot be currently deducted as business expenses.
The TAM addressed the tax treatment of Federal Aviation Administration-mandated aircraft safety inspection and repair costs.
They may use DIRRT masks with UIS to evaluate the overall capability of photomask inspection and repair systems, and to aid in algorithm and process development.
We expect that this partnership will enable us to meet our members' critical need for development and characterization of advanced inspection and repair tools at the challenging nodes on the horizon.
The DIRRT test mask with UIS evaluates the sensitivity and functionality of photomask inspection and repair systems.
The contract will include a heavy C-check maintenance which is a complete aircraft inspection and repair.
Accuracy, throughput and reliability are all production machine goals by which Photon Dynamics is setting the standard in flat panel display, test, inspection and repair," said Vince Sollitto, CEO of Photon Dynamics.
As the only company with systems addressing all key areas of flat panel display test, inspection and repair, Photon Dynamics is positioned to provide the complete solution for integrated yield and cost management systems for FPD manufacturers throughout the world.
In non-attainment areas, drivers will be required to meet the enhanced smog check inspection and repair requirements.