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Synonyms for insouciant

Synonyms for insouciant

marked by blithe unconcern

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The moroseness lurking under the surface here reminds one of a jester's motley, where insouciant geometric patterning clads things of a darker and moodier nature.
Paul Watkins was the splendid soloist, adept at every facet of the piece - the insouciant opening theme, warmly romantic andante and skittishly helter-skelter finale which ended in an amiable duel with the flute.
Then, Richie elevates her insouciant arrogance to Red Level 5 - severe - flying into an unmotivated rage.
She has the self-effacing wit and unprepossessing genius of Caroline Aherne; the fearsome originality of Dorothy Parker; the lacerating delivery of a razor- edged boomerang and the insouciant style of this generation's Debbie Harry.
Gordon, who twiddles buttons for a living in the IT department, may see himself as the young Richard Burton with the brooding lips, reciting his lines with an insouciant drawl.
Mr Bush told us, with the insouciant grin of a man who has watched too many Hollywood westerns, that bin Laden was wanted, "Dead or alive".
Carrie Imler was a knockout in every role she danced, her Fairy of Wit variation tossed off with the insouciant elan of a tap dancer, her variation in the third act Gold and Silver Pas de Trois a glittering standout.
When you consider the source of turner's ardour is Alexa Chung, that gruppenfuhrer of insouciant fashion, then the material has an extra purchase.
The photograph--from 1990, and the only one in the show not taken by Clark himself--depicts a one-year-old Jonathan Velasquez, the insouciant, sweetly handsome subject of all but one of the show's twenty-nine images.
Rutter's gypsy cabaret singer was vocally seductive and charming, while in the czardas from Die Fledermaus she sent the final insouciant La, la, la, la, la
Tanaquil had no limit to her range and artistry: poetic lyricism in Symphony in C, sensual beauty in Afternoon of a Faun, fey daffiness in The Concert, and insouciant sexiness in Western Symphony.
Those insouciant Bruin teams lost in the first round to Tulsa and Penn State so it was a very encouraging sign that Kapono rattled off without hesitation a long list of fun facts about Hofstra, including that it owns the nation's longest current winning streak (18 games), won the America East Conference tournament, beat St.
Kinsella's insouciant attitude is indicative of the feelgood factor that permeates the Bescot Stadium at present.
They underwent a series of off-on-off-again affairs that required the insouciant Esther Hall (as Clara) and the excellent Lyndsey Marshal (as Miriam) to do their Meg Ryan orgasms.
His work exudes insouciant verve, serene detachment, gothic creepiness.