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Synonyms for insouciant

Synonyms for insouciant

marked by blithe unconcern

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beaucoup moins que] The other dimension [beaucoup plus grand que], realise en 2014, raconte, en 11 minutes, la vie d'un adolescent insouciant et indifferent a son environnement.
This is quite different from the millennial affectation "you do you," which, albeit secular, conveys the insouciant resignation that people are going to behave predictably and there's nothing you can do about it.
Her insouciant response seemed to encapsulate a new lack of deference to the old order as the country emerged from the austerity of the immediate post war years.
Produced by Dave Stewart in Nashville, Nicks' new album is a mixed bag from the insolent swagger and sway of Belle Fleur and the insouciant jazz of the throwaway Cathouse Blues to the stark confessional Hard Advice.
THE recovery of the skeletal remains of the victims of last year's flood and landslides in Uttarakhand's Rudraprayag district has once again raised a question mark on the state government's insouciant efforts in looking for the bodies of victims.
While Boty may play too easily at times into the hands of those who claim her work perpetuates rather than challenges stereotypical representations of the female body, her emphasis on the sexy, insouciant swing of Monroe's hair and hips demonstrates that the desiring gaze is not always male, while a portrait of film star Monica Vitti framed by a giant red heart signals her admiration of the star in the guise of a schoolgirl crush.
The insouciant tone, the limerick rhymes, the irrepressible humor of the color cartoon illustrations, all these make "Pee-Pee Harley and the Bandit
Editor Alex Bilmes told the publication that because Moss is his generation's embodiment of homegrown sex, glamour, hedonism and insouciant cool, they have persuaded her to front their special issue dedicated to Britain's most stylish people and products.
A boy forces his younger sister to see Frankenstein with him at the local movie theater, but it is she who is insouciant and courageous and he that is frightened by the film, crying at the dinner table later that day, thus making his father ashamed of his violation of the gender codes.
Yet the book adds: "For someone supposedly monomaniacal in his pursuit of the premiership, Mr Osborne is stunningly insouciant about holidaying lavishly.
The younger category was the insouciant one, with 43% who consider that revealing personal information was not a big problem (compared with 33% in the EU); and 48% who were not put off by doing so in exchange for free services (compared with 29% in the EU).
The line, bearing the insouciant label of Joe Fresh, sold well enough that Loblaws decided to open stand-alone stores under the Joe Fresh banner.
Secure in his remarkable skill, Steven McRae polishes off the Blue Boy's intricate variations with jaunty clarity, and Samantha Raine and Akane Takada as the Blue Girls bring an insouciant sparkle to their dizzying turns.
Although somewhat basic, they're beautifully combined to create a subtle elegance that complements her insouciant lan perfectly.
The Kid was a strangely insouciant, boyish man who charmed women just as handily as he murdered men.