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Synonyms for insomniac

someone who cannot sleep

experiencing or accompanied by sleeplessness

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When compared to a placebo, Montmorency tart cherry juice was found to significantly extend sleep time of the senior insomniacs by 84 minutes and increased their sleep efficiency.
With "Spider-Man," it seems like Insomniac is trying to give the web-headed superhero more room for exploration.
Far from denigrating the original, Insomniac has breathed new life into the franchise - and created an instant classic for a new generation of gamers.
district attorney was investigating Rotella's ties to DeStefano, Insomniac successfully relocated EDC to Las Vegas, where it drew an estimated 230,000 ravers.
The insomniac fruit flies lose more sleep than their human counterparts, who generally sleep six or seven hours a night rather than eight.
Insomniac is, along the way, an alarming, uncomfortable portrayal of how researchers in the field fail the sufferers they are supposed to treat.
The North Carolina studio will also be known as Insomniac Games, and will focus both on developing current and new intellectual properties.
In real life, Heath wasn't gay, but he was reportedly shy and an insomniac, and I identified with those attributes, which is why I segued into being a painter, where I don't have to face crowds unless I am painting at charity events.
He is mad about original Mini Coopers - he owns three -and claims to be an insomniac, which he admits would drive people up the island wall.
With ``Resistance: Fall of Man'' from Insomniac as my virtual guide within the confines of the Arena Interactive Lounge in West Los Angeles, I can say that the PS3 is impressive and has the potential to be legendary -- ``potential'' being the key word.
FLIGHT OF AQUAVIT Anthony Bidulka Insomniac Press, 192 Spadina Ave.
To give a good sleeper the sense of being an insomniac, one would not just deprive him of sleep.
Notes 6 (Nixon's Dreams), 1974, for instance, shows a blue-faced, insomniac Tricky Dick counting panthers jumping over a police barrier and an electrified map of South Vietnam lying on a catafalque surrounded by gold bullion.
Comedy Central's Insomniac with Dave Attell and rock band Third Eye Blind.
During the first two years of business, I lived on frankfurters and became an insomniac from stress and worry," says Hayes.