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an inability to sleep

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New Delhi [India], Mar 16 ( ANI ): A significant proportion of the adult population suffers from sleep problems, and many of them potentially having chronic insomnia.
HYDERABAD -- 10 percent of general and 50 percent of clinical population in the country are suffering from detectable mental illnesses, especially insomnia and that is all due to terrorism, intolerance, power outages, inflation, egotistic attitudes, greed and stresses associated with modern lifestyle.
Insomnia in teenagers may be the result of numerous physical, behavioural, environmental, and psychological reasons which may include poor habits, lack of guidance, anxiety, stress, depression, and poor diet.
org/news/2014/03/10/insomnia-awareness-day-facts-and-stats) millions of us struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep ; and although this is only a brief problem for some, for others, insomnia can become an ongoing struggle.
Background: Neuropsychological evidence is not sufficient concerning whether there is cognitive impairment in patients with primary insomnia.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Insomnia is associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke, according to research published today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.
Chronic insomnia is often the result of multiple underlying physiologic, psychological, and social factors.
M2 PHARMA-February 3, 2017-US Insomnia Market to Reach USD 4.
Ong describes an approach to dealing with insomnia that he and a fellow cognitive behavioral psychologists developed that uses mindfulness meditation.
DENVER -- Young to early middle-aged men with insomnia symptoms are at increased risk for cardiovascular (CV) and cerebrovascular events, according to an analysis from the landmark CARD IA study.
An insomnia sufferer for much of her adult life, Applegate is sharing her personal experience to inspire others to learn more about how to get the sleep they need.
Insomnia Sleep apnea Restless legs syndrome Narcolepsy
However, first you must have a basic understanding of insomnia and its different aspects.
One-third of women at all stages of the menopausal transition reported sleep disturbance that met the clinical criteria for insomnia, regardless of many markers of health and socioeconomic status, Colleen L.