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not easily solved

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It is then, not that an inauthentic culture--the phrase does not make senses--appeared, but that was raised the insolvable issue of the (spontaneous) authenticity, and (deliberate) inauthenticity, of the relationship of individuals to their Likes, to Others as well as to Themselves.
I was not surprised at all, nothing could disturb my perfect happiness, I thought: everything is insolvable, and you can never be happier, so why not now, and rather now than later.
Critics have observed that in poetic sequences, as poets wrestle with the intolerable and insolvable, they explore "alternate personae.
Midnights, deranged by insolvable fidgeting, our employer left his bed to wander his 14 hallways, each mooded by a different tint of pea green.
Furthermore, the abortion taw was a matter of quick resolution and results, whilst many urgent, but complex and seemingly insolvable problems waited to be dealt with (Graff, 2005: 19; Mizielinska, 2011: 87f.
Birmingham City Council does not need to be broken up, it's position is not insolvable.
The Cyprus problem is not insolvable provided the two sides compromise on core issues, Special Adviser of the Secretary-General in Cyprus, EspenBarth Eide said in an interview with UN television.
Close Encounter She was walking along with worries on her mind, With problems which seem the insolvable kind, Suddenly from behind, arms gave her a hug, And a kiss on the cheek, giving warm feelings a tug.
Il est commun que les parties maintiennent leurs droits contractuels a travers des clauses ipso facto, leur permettant de modifier, de mettre fin aux contrats ou de demander un paiement accelere lorsqu'une autre partie au contrat devient insolvable.
The UK also has an apparently insolvable housing crisis, which goes back decades, since Thatcher's sell-off of social housing.
First, it must not only resolve, in a coherent and systematic way, the problem that had proved so insolvable, but it must also enable the adherents of the tradition to understand why their previous theory must be modified or abandoned.
Making Nagorno-Karabagh an unconditional prerequisite, and leaving it as an insolvable dilemma, will not help.
It may seem that there is little we can to do to meet the needs of the world population in 2050, and that the problem is therefore insolvable.
On the same issue, Al-Riyadh newspaper explained that the Yemen crisis is insolvable from the outside, calling for an agreement by the Yemeni factions.
Much marxist analysis of the First World War looked upon states not as independent actors with choices, but as driven by an imperialist world economy beset with insolvable problems and difficulties.