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Synonyms for insoluble

Synonyms for insoluble

(of a substance) incapable of being dissolved



admitting of no solution or explanation

without hope of solution

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Eating a diet high in insoluble fiber might be a safe, effective, and low-cost way to reduce insulin resistance in patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, said Dr.
It is the main mechanism for the clearance of insoluble 1- to 3-[micro]m particles from the alveoli.
Where the fertilizer contains 30 percent or more of the total nitrogen as water insoluble or controlled-release nitrogen:
7) as well as several insoluble AlTiSiMg crystals were found in the blockage residue.
Sources of insoluble fiber: Wheat bran and wholegrain bread, crackers, and muffins; whole-wheat flour, brown rice, and kidney beans; skins of strawberries, pears, apples, and prunes; green beans, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes; almonds and chunky peanut butter.
The EMA insoluble phase was determined by solvent extraction (p-xylene) in a Soxhlet apparatus during 3 days.
Additional steps require relocation of the insoluble matrix to the extra-cellular space (outside the tumor cells), where it provides a nano-platform for the localization and retention of radio-isotopes within the tumors.
One film that perfectly illustrates both the "substance abuse" and the "coming together of local talent" angles mentioned above is Bruce Spangler's remarkable Protection, a gritty, classical humanist look at insoluble problems faced by social workers trying to deal with heroin-addicted clients and their client's efforts to toe the line while leading miserable lives.
dagger]) CP crude protein; SP = soluble protein; IP = buffer-insoluble protein; UIP = undegradable insoluble protein; PROP = the proportion of undegradable insoluble protein/insoluble protein.
In 1900 Crookes (see 1861) found that it was possible to treat a solution of uranium compound in such a way that part of it would be removed as an insoluble material.
In simple terms, every fruit, vegetable, and whole-grain product contains varying amounts of two basic types: Insoluble fiber (found in large quantities in wheat bran and whole grains) tends to move food quickly through the digestive tract, increases stool volume, and may protect against colon cancer.
Insoluble fiber that is metabolically inert, absorbing water throughout the digestive tract and easing transit
The present invention relates to a rubber composition for a fiber cord topping, having an amount of insoluble sulfur with an iron content of not more than 30 ppm, calculated as net sulfur in the insoluble sulfur, of 1.
50, wherein the cationic modified starch is not substantially water insoluble, wherein the cationic modified starch is cross-linked by a cross-linking agent.
The investigators determined the antioxidant activity of the hydrophilic, lipophilic and free-soluble phenolic extracts, containing freely solvent-soluble antioxidants, and the antioxidant activity of insoluble-bound phenolic extracts, which represented the phenolic fraction ester-linked to insoluble cell wall polymers.