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Synonyms for insolubility

the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it impossible to solve

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the quality of being insoluble and difficult to dissolve in liquid

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As already specified in the introduction, these situations are characterized by one of three attributes: novelty, complexity or insolubility.
Editor's Note: "Vitamin D3, which is converted into the active form of vitamin D, suppressed protein insolubility in the worm and prevented the toxicity caused by human beta-amyloid which is associated with Alzheimer's disease," Dr.
2] is not the only substance with these levels of low solubility or insolubility," explained Anthony Jones, chairman of the Titanium Dioxide Industry Consortium (TDIC), a sister organization of the Brussels-based Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association (TDMA).
aA-crystallin also acts as chaperon which prevents insolubility (denaturation) of their surrounding proteins (Horwitz, 1992).
They are characterized by insolubility in water and by solubility in organic solvents that can be controlled by changing their substituents.
Tote Hughes's "Fountain" is a metaphysical detective story unlike any other, a comic tour de force set in a labyrinthine world of shifting signs and dreamlike insolubility.
Cloudiness, deposit and film on tube walls indicate insolubility of chemical compounds in the refrigerant/lubricant system.
Obtaining potassium from minerals is very difficult because of its insolubility and durability.
In patients with sickle cell disease (SCD), because of the instability and insolubility of HbS, polymerization of the deoxy-HbS renders the red blood cells (RBCs] nondeformable to traverse the microcirculation.
Inorganic pigments are known for their outstanding lightfastness and their insolubility, which prevents bleed and migration in coatings and inks.
This insolubility was detected in 113LBoPrP-Tg037 and 113LBoPrP-Tg009 mouse lines.
Equipped with additional functionality, such as gastro resistance for drug delivery in the intestine or insolubility for a sustained drug release, these coatings significantly improve drug delivery.
Various studies have suggested glass ionomer restorative material to be an ideal subgingival restorative material because of adhesiveness, better biocompatibility, fluoride release, absence of microleakage and near insolubility in oral fluids [11, 13, 16].
However, phosphonates can create serious problems such as insolubility of phosphonate complexes, and they are also susceptible to breakdown to form orthophosphates under the influence of hydrolysis and/or chlorination thereby increasing the potential of formation of calcium-phosphate deposits in the presence of excessive amounts of calcium (12-14).
As an immobilization matrix, the merit of Eudragit L-100 is its solubility during catalysis with its insolubility below pH 4.