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Synonyms for insolubility

the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it impossible to solve

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the quality of being insoluble and difficult to dissolve in liquid

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That is to say, unlike the mystery plays which maintain the possibility that the marginal, and indeed, diseased and corrupt parts of society can be somehow resolved, Marlowe enforces the insolubility of these sites of heterogeneity.
The high density and insolubility characteristics of AQUATEX will reduce or eliminate floatation and provide optimum performance in waterborne systems.
The creation of intermetallic phases in the Fe-Al system is based on the almost absolute insolubility of iron and aluminium in the solid state.
Their insolubility also draws water, making waste bulkier, softer, and easier to pass.
The lack of resorption of FA-CPC3 is likely to be the result of its insolubility in the acidic environment produced by inflammatory or other giant cells.
To see if the chemical resistance was due to crosslinking or just the insolubility of the components in MEK, gel contents for the 90-min baked films and the 7 day ambient cure films were measured.
It is worthy to note that due to the insolubility of the acids in water, it was converted to the mono sodium salt by adding sodium hydroxide.
A lower extraction percentage of Cr compared to other metallic compounds in PPFW can be attributed to the high resistance or insolubility of the chromiumaluminum silicate in diluted [H.
He added that it became impossible to explain Turkish public that the insolubility in Cyprus was not an obstacle before Cyprus's EU membership but it was shown as an obstacle before Turkey's EU membership.
Evidently it is connected with the insolubility of MDMO-PPV in methanol; hence heteropolyacid clusters could penetrate the MDMOPPV film only to a depth close to the monomolecular surface layer.
Methods: Different neuroanatomical areas including frontal cortex (FC), cerebellum (CB), caudate nucleus (CD) and substantia nigra (SN) from autopsy human brains (n=9) with varying PMI (4-18 h) were analyzed for pH, protein insolubility, protein oxidation/nitration and protein expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), synatophysin and neurofilament (NF).
0] may transport globally due to its insolubility to water (Rice and others 1997).
In his final chapter Tanguay provides a full formulation of the theologico-political problem and of what he sees as the problem's ultimate insolubility.
Yet, despite their beneficial health effects, phytosterols are very difficult to formulate into foods, due to their insolubility in water and their limited solubility in fats and oils.
Among chemicals which may have to be authorized are some organic pigments because of their insolubility and hence bioaccumulation in the environment.