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Synonyms for insolation

sudden prostration due to exposure to the sun or excessive heat

incident solar radiation

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therapeutic exposure to sunlight


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In addition, the Czech standard dealing insolation (CSN 73 4301) was updated in the year 2009 (***, 2009).
The Holocene interval began near the end of the most recent melting of northern ice sheets in response to a summer insolation maximum 11 000 years ago, supplemented by coincident C[O.
Also, other unmeasured niche axes on which these species may be very different in their overlap include differences in insolation and preferred body temperatures.
Insolation maps, which show local effects, are valuable for agriculture, forestry and resource management.
Thus, the seed filling period of the early and late cultivars was separate in time, with seed filling of the late cultivars occurring under lower temperatures and insolation levels (Table 1).
Closer to a star, the temperature starts to rise out of control with increasing insolation.
Major Markets: Interlinings, automotive, filtration, coating substrates, noise reducing barriers, secondary carpet backings, electrical insolation
In defining maximum energy production from a given site, a solar system is site-specific in that the incidence of solar insolation affects its electricity production.
The existing building should be assessed with two very similar-sounding principles in mind: insulation and insolation.
He proposed that periodic changes in the tilt of Earth's axis and in the eccentricity (deviation from a circle) of Earth's orbit translate into growth and decay of ice mass through changes in summer insolation (the amount of sunlight reaching Earth's surface) in high northern latitudes (say, at 65 |degrees~ N).
Previously it wasn't viable to construct solar of this scale in Victoria, which has good insolation rates, but not as high as the northern states.
D'apres un medecin urgentiste de l'hopital Mustapha-Pacha, [beaucoup moins que] pour la seule journee de lundi dernier, une dizaine de personnes ont ete prises en charge pour insolation et deshydratation [beaucoup plus grand que].