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Synonyms for insolation

sudden prostration due to exposure to the sun or excessive heat

incident solar radiation

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therapeutic exposure to sunlight


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Spatial and temporal insolation variation benefits crop yield, irrigation management and determining crop zones, non-point source pollution, fire risk, wildlife habitat characterization and climate change scenarios.
Five years ago, many climate experts sought to explain the ice ages in terms of ice sheets and other physical processes that reinforce solar insolation cycles.
Figure 1 shows the yearly sum of global insolation, according to the EC's Joint Research Centre (PVGIS, 2008) for Europe and particulary for Romania (the region of interest).
Periods in late Quaternary Earth history that were characterized by reduced summer insolation in the northern hemisphere are those which are conducive to northern hemisphere glacial growth (i.
2006) for the supply, delivery, commissioning and training for the using a set of alignment machines and insolation and realization and characterization of cells,
The device is heraldic again, but it also protects the galleried space from excessive insolation.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 5 Kva 120V On Line Ups, 1Ph-1Ph, Built Insolation Transformers Without Batteries, Make : Numeric/Apc/Microtek.
Mexico has progressive renewable energy policies, high fossil-based electricity prices, and the third highest solar insolation in the world.
The method is sufficiently general to include beam and diffuse insolation on the outdoor side as well as diffuse insolation on the indoor side.
Excessive insolation is controlled by eyebrows of polyester and extendable fabric blinds, but the big windows accept the heat of the sun in winter.
The one page SEE report uses standardized calculations combined with the installer's site-specific equipment design variables and local solar insolation data to provide the annual estimated energy production for the solar system.
The entire project will include roofing and structural repairs, a paint job for the entire exterior and overall repairs to the building s envelope, as well as work inside limited electrical, plumbing, insolation and sheetrock work.
Endowed with good insolation level and supported by the government's green certificates incentives, the solar market in Romania has grown steadily over the past two years and should continue to offer attractive opportunities in the future.
Their results were presented in terms of the solar heat transfer factor K, defined as the ratio of the solar gain to insolation.