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Synonyms for insolation

sudden prostration due to exposure to the sun or excessive heat

incident solar radiation

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therapeutic exposure to sunlight


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Minimum, average and maximum temperatures, thermal amplitude, insolation, rainfall and cold hours in budding and Veraison periods (September--January), during the grape ripening phase (February--March), and annual in the South Plateau of SC, 2016.
Similar to previous case studies, the effects of both solar insolation variation and load variation are considered for the validation.
In general, gas exchange was positively correlated with increments in temperature, rainfall and relative humidity and negatively correlated with increased insolation. There was no correlation detected between the maximum leaf water potential and the environmental variables.
In this simulation work, firstly simulation of the proposed topology is done with a fixed insolation profile in MATLAB simulink as shown in fig.8 for the topological verification of SBI.
We now have two hydropower feasibility studies in process, a completed solar insolation and feasibility study, and are launching an isolated mini-grid.
Features include up to 25 conversions per second, 500 Vrms analog input or analog output insolation, continuous self-calibration (no adjustments requirements), and programmable analog input digital filters.
This difference is a systematic long term shift between different data sets and it is visible like a time lag in comparison with the millennial cycles of climate, MSL and insolation time series, while the time scale random errors stay at centennial level.
Generally, the output power generation of the photovoltaic (PV) system relies on the intermittent solar insolation, cell temperature, efficiency of the PV panel and its output voltage level.
Punjab lies in an area of one of the highest solar radiation (insolation) in the world.
For years Budyko's maps placed the apex of insolation in the Sahara.
The 98 papers cover building materials and components the energy performance of buildings; retrofitting and revitalizing buildings; sustainable building and environmental assessments; the hygrothermal performance of buildings; indoor climate, thermal comfort, and ventilation; daylighting and insolation; and acoustics and noise protection.
The optimum aperture size depends on the magnitude of direct normal insolation. For a particular time of the day, depending on the magnitude of direct normal insolation, there exists an optimum aperture size that can maintain the desired level of temperature inside the reactor.