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expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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2] heat exchanger is possible if the heat exchanger is constructed from a high thermally conductive and electrically insolating material.
The crash testers' chief worry was how well the car's batteries stood up to the impact and the effectiveness of cut-off switches in insolating the high-voltage battery, but the experts observed that no electrical or fire hazards were detected during the testing of the i-MiEV.
Externally, business unit results were clustered according to functional area, insolating competitors from sensitive data for specific markets or product lines.
DARE words / terms Transposals acting pole optic angle aldermites (plural of misaltered (W2), misrelated (W2) aldermite) ambleshoot smoothable (W2) antigoslin insolating ants-mashers harassments apple shiner planisphere apron strap pro-Spartan (W2) aquadiente inadequate blow adders (plural of sword blade (W2) blow adder) blue martins (plural of bus terminal (OED), subterminal blue martin) bottle-arsed (from battledores bottle-arsed tupelo) cactus rose coruscates careless pin alpine cress castermine incremates (W2), metarsenic (W2), semitrance (a type of trance-like state (www.
Greater efforts went into better insolating homes and offices.
In the meantime, Belarusian opposition leader Alexander Milinkevich has warned the EU against further insolating Lukashenko's regime.