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expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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In fact, it is more appropriate to assume that bit-errors appear in bursts and not in insolated bits.
Also, the boiler/cooler is carefully insolated, so as to maintain the least
They also determine the minimum time periods, after which the evaluated space must be insolated.
Hence, it is contended that it was a cyberpolitical war as the ruling government and opposition were quick to debate on insolated issues, while character assassination was at its best during the by-elections.
Age distribution of bacterial pathogens insolated form diarrhoeagenic patients in Enugu and Onitsha Age-group No.
Caroline O'Sullivan from the ISPCC said Phoebe's case is not an insolated one and insisted cyberbullying is a silent epidemic making thousands of children's lives a misery.
The United States as a whole remains insolated, even though it's right on the border.
Dominant Dolichoderinae are adapted to high-quality habitats (in terms of the conditions which maximize ant abundance) that are open and well insolated (i.
Robert reckons that Slipcoat (Scapegoat) Hill, a wild and insolated place, was where the refugees from military service ended up.
Neither an insolated theory, according to which Lope's ideological or class interests could have lead him to rebel (Otero 1985), nor the juridical interest of the Jornada authors alone, explains the nature and content of the narration at hand.
In short, the Cyclopes are insular and insolated, lacking the curiosity even to venture to the lush goat-filled island in their immediate proximity.
In order not to lose the big picture in cross-border transactions, and instead focus on insolated acts, this "completed act" rule calls for a distinction between incoming and outgoing transactions.
The first approaches -- first and second generation -- are related to the treatment of point emissions insolated of the surrounding atmosphere.