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expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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450 Insolated Metallic Stoves have been installed to the most vulnerable people tend to engage in wood cutting
The Czech standard specifies the following rule: The house is enough insolated, if its area of insolated rooms is equal to at least one third of all its rooms.
Robert reckons that Slipcoat (Scapegoat) Hill, a wild and insolated place, was where the refugees from military service ended up.
In short, the Cyclopes are insular and insolated, lacking the curiosity even to venture to the lush goat-filled island in their immediate proximity.
In order not to lose the big picture in cross-border transactions, and instead focus on insolated acts, this "completed act" rule calls for a distinction between incoming and outgoing transactions.
If rural and small-town Post Offices are forced to close then many thousands of more vulnerable older people could become more insolated from the local community.
But can we defeat an insurgency if we get off the roads and simply defend ourselves in insolated patches?
It is recommended to produce concrete that is water impermeable or insolated from the sulphate effects from 15% OSA-substituted Portland cement (CEM II/B-T), especially for the structures which have no contact with MgS[O.
In the salinity tests, seawater was diluted to the desired salinity of 5[per thousand], 10[per thousand], 15[per thousand], 20[per thousand] and 25[per thousand] with insolated tap water.
You are insolated from the rest of the market, so you're better off than most,'' she said.
The insolated rubber grip is designed for durability and the UV protection qualities will help the grip retain heat in colder temperatures.
Although Tecan says it has insolated itself from dips in academic lab spending by creating a broad instrument portfolio, the company has observed some hopeful changes in university buying patterns.
Acute cases, which are symptomatic in less than 50%, generally manifest as an insolated fever or a flulike syndrome that may be accompanied by granulomatous hepatitis, pneumonia, or meningoencephalitis (1).