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expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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But industry players say that Italy's newfound emphasis on higher quality tobacco and the fact that at least 80% of its production travels beyond the country's borders should help insolate it from internal Italian changes in law or cultural preferences.
The MEMS packaging could also be used to insolate the EO micro pump from the user so that the risk of electric shock can be avoided (even though the current passing through the EO micro pump is small).
Horton was redshirting, but that didn't insolate him from DeLoach's constant outbursts.
Features of these buildings include: window walls with layers to insolate extreme temperatures, countertops made of recycled paper and wood, wheatboard cabinets instead of plywood and recycled carpeting.
To insolate againstwhat children actually do, he creates the distinction between competence and performance (Chomsky, 1972).
Consequently hedges effectively insolate overall financial performance from depressed energy prices for the remainder of the year.