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to the degree or extent that

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Obviously, insofar as the police slowdown involves police not protecting people's rights, it is potentially devastating for the city's residents.
The analytical necessity is to realize that this "edge" is not divorced from beings and doesn't simply exist objectively from them as the infinite but rather is being itself insofar as this latter constitutes the essence of beings and makes up the eternal of each their own "nows.
The experience of freedom in marriage had a spiritual dimension insofar as the conscience was concerned, but at the same time it was external insofar as it allowed one to accept one's sexuality.
Insofar as early modern writers like Hill and Crompton reiterate the common fantasy that facial hair is bipolarly arranged (that "men are lone bearded" and "every female beardless doth remaine"), they can be said to participate in the ideological process whereby beards are made to materialize sexual difference.
But this is true only for those needs which are `solvent,' insofar as they are endowed with purchasing power, and for those resources which are `marketable,' insofar as they are capable of obtaining a satisfactory price.
Insofar as the Civil Rights Movement attempted to end racial injustice, it was right.
Assuming that the public could relate only to a collective image insofar that it was male, Fothergill concluded: ".
On audit, the IRS determined that IBM was liable for the 4% excise tax as a result of the policies purchased from foreign insurance companies, insofar as those policies applied to IBM products being exported from the U.
For this sin, one would think that sociologists ought to be forgiven, since they are simply "typically American insofar as inheritance offends their belief in mobility and their desire to be liberated from the past" (189).
According to Tucker, the much heralded New World Order demands order at the expense of the majority of humans who inhabit the world, insofar as it continues the Cold War project of protecting economic, racial, and social disparities to the increasing benefit of a very, very few.
Nationalism, which began with the left in the revolutions of 1789 and 1848, was a liberating force only insofar as (like Garibaldi's) it was infused with the Golden Rulse: that each nation demand for all others whatever it claims for itself.
The EPRA exemption is more difficult to meet than the fraud and abuse safe harbor, insofar as the particular investment interest, and not just the corporation, must be traded publicly.
Kozol's purpose is to describe the "sad realities" of homeless families and insofar as this is his only purpose, he succeeds.
This article draws from a fountain of postmodern-critical work and attempts to be non-tautological insofar as it makes a clarion call for reform and work to be done to emancipate and to enlighten certain populations, in particular minorities.
Insofar as the creation of a Free Trade Area by 2010 is concerned, " Tunisia adds the memorandum is the most advanced country, which has launched the dismantling of the tariff barrier since 1996.