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Synonyms for insobriety

the condition of being intoxicated with alcoholic liquor

Synonyms for insobriety

a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol

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A careful reading of these sources, as well as numerous shorter comments that appear in al-Tabari and other sources, makes it possible to reconstruct al-Walid's religious views, which were surprisingly lucid, particularly given his reputation for insobriety.
Realizing that Manger's work was wrenched from his own personal torment, it appeared that Freedman's only interest in Manger's insobriety was its influence on his work.
The "fact" of European insobriety has been cited last year in letters to The Journal of the American Medical Association and The Washington Post.
Since authorities considered insobriety to be one of the "main reasons for theft" in the trade apparatus, (49) and viewed drunkenness as a sign of a person's lack of kul'turnost', the employment of sober women workers provided clear advantages.