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Synonyms for insipidness

Synonyms for insipidness

extreme dullness

lacking any distinctive or interesting taste property

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She fumes that Victor reduces the key existentialist notion of fraternity to insipidness.
Amid all the insipidness and lethargy that has characterised the end of season slump, Johnson's combativeness and leadership at the back has shone like a beacon.
Again, the camera pulls back in both shot and counter-shot to reveal that Betty and "Rita" are rehearsing for Betty's upcoming audition; Betty begins to laugh at the insipidness of the script, confirming that the two women have not had an falling out off screen, but are merely reading the lines of a script (fig.
Vince, 36, who co-wrote it, said he was inspired by the insipidness of the romantic comedy scripts he was being sent.
Doll has said, "I am often aware of the insipidness of the present, and I don't mean this flippantly; rather, I feel no claim on any future time, any possibility of overcoming the inevitable (the inevitability of death).
New Yorkers starved for new musicals this season have had to make do with the insipidness of "Little Women," the pop pap of "Good Vibrations" and the treacly shrillness of "Brooklyn" on Broadway, while Off Broadway hasn't yielded a significant tuner since "Avenue Q.
Often, the insipidness of poorly formulated sauces is corrected with excessive seasoning--an appalling practice according to culinologists.
Despite being a good looking chap with lashings of blond hair, he just doesn't cut it next to the pretty boy insipidness of Brad Pitt et al, so it seems likely Aaron may be forever resigned to always being the co-star, never the star.