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Synonyms for insipidity

Synonyms for insipidity

extreme dullness

lacking any distinctive or interesting taste property

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The editor-in-chief of the Daily News in New York, Jim Rich, may have won the award for over-the-top insipidity by labeling the actions of National Rifle Association executive Wayne LaPierre and the dread gun "lobby he represents" a "form of terrorism."
"Those who are opposed to all negativism in political campaigning either yearn for insipidity or advantage, but not the rightfully vaunted marketplace of ideas to determine the best candidates."
Indeed, chastity is in the countenance so passive a virtue as not to be at all suited to the genius of painting; the idea is rather that of insipidity, and accordingly Scipio's expression is generally insipid enough.' (1)
John Dashwood's mother), whose "lucky contraction of the brow had rescued her countenance from the disgrace of insipidity, by giving it the strong characters of pride and ill nature" (232).
The insipidity, and yet the noise; the nothingness, and yet the self-importance of all these people!1 The characters in Pride and Prejudice live a routine conventional life and as much they do not come into clash with the others around them.
Obama's ethereal insipidity made Christie's meaty pugilism attractive; Obama's insistence on the cerebral made voters long for the visceral, even the gracelessly visceral.
The strings are a nice touch but the vocals by David Rynowski are a mistake, tipping the already pop-inflected jazz into insipidity. The saving grace of the whole album is the lush trumpet tone of Julian (the pair's first album was appropriately named Remember Chet).
Fanny Price fails, he maintains, on account of her "insipidity": "One of the most dangerous of literary ventures is the little, shy unimportant heroine whom none of the other characters value.
(38) See, ibid., 10 [18]: "Thus the life of God and divine cognition may well be spoken of as a disporting of love with itself; but this idea sinks into mete edification, and even insipidity, if it lacks the seriousness, the suffering, the patience, and the labor of the negative."
Now it turns out that British people, intolerant of insipidity, were insisting on so many extra shots that Starbucks has quietly doubled the quantity of espresso in their latte.
While effectively summarizing the critical debate surrounding Octave's supposed impotence, Hamm's book challenges certain critical traditions that characterize Armance as a failed masterpiece and accuse its heroine of coldness and insipidity (9).
The Catholic Trustees' Association produced a document entitled "Respecting Difference" which, for insipidity and political correctness must set some new record.
(31) Likewise, the Zimandar's depiction of the ideal Indian woman as "docile and reserved, with enough of judgement to teach them to adorn their persons, and wear their jewels with propriety" is not intended as an attack on the insipidity of the Hindu female but rather on the patriarchs who "behold the[ir] sex in the degrading state of subjection" (89).
"A load of sentimental exploitative tosh," hurrumphed The Guardian while The Gramophone pronounced "the whole tone of the programme is one of insipidity".
(484) It is through these and the different recurrent passages describing the absurdity of the critical enterprise that Byatt embodies its world as that of amusement and ridicule, full of insipidity and sometimes malice.