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Synonyms for insipid

Synonyms for insipid

lacking an appetizing flavor

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

Synonyms for insipid

lacking taste or flavor or tang

lacking interest or significance or impact


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We see already, by the foregoing effusion, that he is become a poet; to give further proof of it, however, would in most cases be insipid, for it is a most foolish notion to fancy a poet different from other men.
We chatted together a long time, but I found her rather frivolous, and even a little insipid, compared with the more mature and earnest Mrs.
Yet this is the being from whose conversation you think, I suppose, that I have been unfortunately restrained, and without whose blessed society, life, in your opinion, must be tedious and insipid.
She is fade and insipid," and adds some more kind remarks in this strain, which I should never have repeated at all, but that they are in truth prodigiously complimentary to the young lady whom they concern.
His cheeks were very white, and something like a scowl was blackening his heavy, insipid face.
The eaters of the dinner, like the dinner itself, were lukewarm, insipid, overdone--and all owing to this poor little dull Young Barnacle.
Mrs Veneering does not expect that Mr Twemlow can in nature care much for such insipid things as babies, but so old a friend must please to look at baby.
The jaunty It's Not Like Everyone's My Friend and new single Be All You Want Me To Be showed the band at their best - but all too often they seemed to be following the Keane path to rock blandness, especially on insipid ballad Oceans.
Far less successful are Lucas's "bunny" works, insipid creatures fashioned from pantyhose.
But if you're willing to overlook the hijacked plot elements, an insipid script, and mediocre acting, the dance sequences may be reward enough.
After reading your novel a second time I found it to be uncommonly insipid.
To critics who claim that Therese was an insipid creature, too ephemeral for us moderns, he argues that she "never once is divorced from reality", citing examples from her life to document his statement.
Insipid islander Cameron had 44 per cent of the 18,000 votes cast last night.
McWhorter blasts Spike Lee's Bamboozled as unwatchable while praising the insipid Swordfish for it's colorblind casting of Halle Berry.
We can no longer afford to luxuriate in insipid gamesmanship.