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Synonyms for insipid

Synonyms for insipid

lacking an appetizing flavor

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

Synonyms for insipid

lacking taste or flavor or tang

lacking interest or significance or impact


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Atsu, Matt among the did not sub Benitez for so he before even out, Supporters can only put up with insipid performances for so long regardless of where the blame really lies JOHNGIBSON
Nelson [New Zealand], December 29 ( ANI ): The West Indies produced an insipid batting show against New Zealand to hand the hosts a 47-run win in the first of the three T20I matches, here at the Saxton Oval in Nelson on Friday.
WHILE any investment into the largely ignored shopping centre of St John's Market and Clayton Square should be welcomed, the latest drawings of Clayton Square look insipid. Everything on one level, overlooked by white pillboxes.
The evidence is Swanberg's 2-year-old son Jude, who handily upstages anything co-stars Melanie Lynskey and Anna Kendrick can come up with to generate interest onscreen; one can imagine a greater audience for 80 minutes of "baby Jude does the darnedest things" YouTube videos than might turn out for this sweetly insipid, mostly improvised dramedy, acquired by Magnolia and Paramount prior to its Sundance premiere.
Giovanni Trapattoni's men looked set for an embarrassing defeat when Kairat Nurdauletov glanced home after an insipid first-half performance from the visitors.
This album is no Tellin' Stories and does not reach the heights of Some Friendly, but it is definitely a step up on the often insipid previous release, s You Cross My Path.
Daryl Murphy was bundled to the ground following a challenge from Christopher Samba but Whitehead's insipid spotkick was easily kept out by Brad Friedel.
"At Bolton our performance was insipid but against Middlesbrough we got into their faces and it paid off," said McLeish after a Stewart Downing own goal, a Mikael Forssell strike and Gary McSheffrey's late penalty had clinched three welcome points.
Entries also compare phrases or words that sound alike and are therefore confusing, such as "incipient," "insipid" and "insipient" or "ensure," "assure" and "insure." Dowling is invariably gentle and respectful in his explanations and has a nifty ("nifty" is not in the book, so it must be acceptable) cross-reference system as well as a concise but well-chosen list of further reading.
The style and organization of Gordon's book is exemplary because it is astute without being academic, popular without being insipid, and practical without being Philistine.
The jaunty It's Not Like Everyone's My Friend and new single Be All You Want Me To Be showed the band at their best - but all too often they seemed to be following the Keane path to rock blandness, especially on insipid ballad Oceans.
On the other hand, how refreshing to have a new Welsh rugby autobiography that might actually be worth reading instead of the usual insipid stuff.
Far less successful are Lucas's "bunny" works, insipid creatures fashioned from pantyhose.
Insipid geek Eugene has failed to make any kind of positive impact in the secret garden and is Blue Square's new evens favourite to fail to make it into the main house having been 9-5 on Saturday.
He, too, accepts uncritically the secularization hypothesis, indirectly dubbing proponents of "freedom" and "toleration" in higher education as "insipid." Instead, he favors the "Great Tradition of the Christian Faith" (with full references to creeds), and what he refers to as a "robust" faith that he never adequately defines.