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  • adj

Synonyms for insinuating

provoking a change of outlook and especially gradual doubt and suspicion

purposefully contrived to gain favor

Synonyms for insinuating

calculated to please or gain favor

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she said insinuatingly, and then shouted at Alyona: "Don't you understand you don't belong here?
Val was supposed to show up at the bar, insinuatingly named "The Private Dick,'' wearing a red rose for identification.
Insinuatingly low-key, minimalist Icelandic seriocomedy "Either Way" gets a slightly broader yet perhaps even more satisfying U.
Making as a basis their own experiences, they then move on to discount the relevance of the Dalit struggles, through insinuatingly suggesting that Dalits are unduly passionate in their pursuit for equal rights and justice, upseting "peace" and 'unity.
Also, in case B or C were very interested in A, I would let them know, gently and insinuatingly, of A's disclosures.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan insinuatingly gave a message to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to withdraw.
She shuddered at the cold candor of the new business woman, and was insinuatingly feminine.
Go home" whispered another voice insinuatingly and something pushed against Luzhin's shoulder.
Correspondingly, the insinuatingly tracking, slow-motion point-of-view shots as Jake looks toward Tommy at the Copacabana--including one in which Tommy, significantly, kisses Vickie--could be seen to express the "ambivalent attitude" toward the father that Freud declares "may even" be "attributed entirely" to the negative Oedipus complex (1991d: 372).
By an earlier husband, Grandma had a son who, in his forties, is still not married, and Rudi had alienated him by querying him insinuatingly about this.
Whereas Burger explicated the purpose of these laws through insinuatingly contextualizing their existence with historical, moral, and religious condemnation of homosexuality, the briefs on behalf of the petitioner as well as the Lawrence majority offer a more pragmatic grounding in the form of preventing forms of nonconsensual sexual abuse not then defined as rape, (222) as well as preventing public crimes against "morals and decency.
The NTRI is an insinuatingly strategic positioning device because it simply repeats back (and thus casually emphasizes) the potentially problematic part of the previous speaker's turn (Schegloff et al.
Freneuse senses that he is open to Ethal's perusal and scrutiny: "[c]et Anglais lit a livre ouvert dans mes deplorables instincts," he thinks just after Ethal has commented very insinuatingly on the good looks of a young man (152).
And this is especially painful for law-and-Humanities scholars because it nastily and insinuatingly reminds them that they have sacrificed real knowledge for the cheap rewards of dilettantish, posturing skepticism.