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Synonyms for insinuating

provoking a change of outlook and especially gradual doubt and suspicion

purposefully contrived to gain favor

Synonyms for insinuating

calculated to please or gain favor

References in classic literature ?
And then,' said the insinuating traveller, 'for the scratching dogs and the buried children, according to the pictures
But first the insinuating traveller had asked him if they could have some wine made hot; and as he had answered Yes, and had presently afterwards sent it in, that traveller, seated in the centre of the group, and in the full heat of the fire, was soon engaged in serving it out to the rest.
said the insinuating traveller, whose manner shrunk, and whose voice dropped when he was left alone.
PESHAWAR -- Social media reports of a police official insinuating an Islamia College University (ICU) teacher earlier was arrested on charges of possessing drugs were denied by the city police on Wednesday.
Dela Rosa said the police were not behind the killings, even telling the media to 'stop poisoning the minds of public' by insinuating that policemen carry out summary killings as part of President Duterte's drug war.
In complaints published by local daily Makkah, parents said that they were shocked to see the list of juices referring to special drinks for married couples, insinuating an aphrodisiacal composition.
Summary: Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has a controversial take on Hurricane Irene, insinuating it was an act of God.
In the same article Mike Olley has blown the gaff on decision-makers within the city council by insinuating they take no note of equal opportunities by stating "let's hope they are able to help the city get its man (for a man it will probably be)".
However, Pacquiao recently began legal proceedings against the Mayweather camp after they made certain demands about drug testing which the Filipino claims defamed him by insinuating he has been guilty of doping in the past.
I find it insulting that you are insinuating that I am weak and scum because I have not fought tooth and nail.
He said: "So before you start insinuating and calling people weak and scum on a radio station, getting on a high horse which you are, I hope one day that your wife or your girlfriend doesn't come to you and say I don't want to be with you anymore and unfortunately that means you won't see the kids for a few days a week.
JOYCE Conway falls into the usual pro-Royal lobby by insinuating that anybody who disapproves of them has to be a traitor.
The minister repeated a series of inflammatory remarks at the National Press Club--accusing the United States of terrorism, speculating that the federal government spread HIV/AIDS, praising the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan and insinuating that Obama's criticism of him was mere political expediency.
Lynette discovered that, years ago, her husband had another child with a grasping bimbo hellbent on insinuating herself into the couple's current life.
His trade is visiting war zones around the globe, insinuating himself at the "point of the spear," and writing about what he sees.