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without sincerity

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Der neue Pauly, The Oxford encyclopaedia of ancient Greece and Rome and the Oxford Classical Dictionary do not contain entries for Socratic irony, and the entry in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (Socratic irony is 'a form of indirect communication' used by Socrates 'to praise insincerely the abilities of his interlocutors while revealing their ignorance'; Prior 1999:861) takes an oversimplified view of the concept, which is rather surprising considering the amount of philosophical scholarship done on the topic since the 18th century.
It is high time to take effective steps to put an end to all aspects and forms of terrorism, including state terrorism that is insincerely promoted and supported by some Western powers.
In any event, they hold that lying is not nearly so widespread as "acting insincerely or misleadingly" (29) without actually lying.
Danon, who has insincerely campaigned on ethics and transparency these past 33 months, strongly rejected transparency when it came to his own political ambitions and needs.
Currie insincerely apologised for problems he'd caused in the previous two years and promised no more trouble.
The army vehemently dismisses accusations that it wants to hang on to power or that it is acting insincerely.
There has never been any doubt in my mind about this team and I am not insincerely trying to build my players up.
feudal and pre-capitalist)--is conflated with the Northern capitalist arguments about the nature of the war, arguments that also condemned slavery (if perhaps a bit more insincerely in a number of cases, Lincoln being a notable example among them, than the socialists) and thereby to conflate the socialism of the Forty-Eighters and others with Lincoln Republicanism and subsequently with the totalitarianism of Stalin and Mao, the Nazism of Adolf Hitler, and (as one might expect) with today's "big government" liberals in the United States.
It has been argued that accepting the 1967 lines -- however insincerely -- might cause Netanyahu serious trouble in his ruling coalition, even a rebellion by nationalist hardliners within his own Likud Party.
Petrenko and Olson (1994) cite the effect on voters of the government's harsh repression of the opposition during the constitutional crisis of October, only two months before elections, concluding that up to one-third of Zhirinovsky voters surveyed prior to voting answered pollsters insincerely.
However, as Ontario noted, sincerity was not at issue in this case since it was unlikely anyone would insincerely claim a right to build a succah.
I doubt that anyone will be moved by his offers of dialogue as they have been offered insincerely on so many previous occasions and it is plainly an act of desperation.
The overall purport of Austin's argument is that the effect of the words by which one marries, promises, or bets consists in a socially binding relation, no matter whether the words were spoken sincerely or insincerely .
On its Monday's issue, the Moroccan paper said that this picture was insincerely exploited by the Spanish channel while treating the vandalism acts which recently took place in Laayun (southern Morocco).
Someone can use Christian identity quite insincerely as a medium for garnering business or votes and then counteract every Christian moral principle once the deal has been signed or the political office is secure.