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Synonyms for insincere

Synonyms for insincere

not genuine or sincere

not being what one purports to be

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I regretted it especially," he resumed, taking the usual course from detraction to insincere eulogy, "because of my gratitude and respect towards my cousin.
But now, the few words luckily or unluckily heard in passing had wholly revolutionized my ideas respecting her: now I looked upon her as hypocritical and insincere, a flatterer, and a spy upon my words and deeds.
He glanced across the top of the paper he was reading, showing a pair of dark, insincere, sharp-staring eyes.
Brown and McTavish also doubted; but Bertie discerned an insincere ring in their voices.
To a people of this nature the Homeric epos would be inacceptable, and the post-Homeric epic, with its conventional atmosphere, its trite and hackneyed diction, and its insincere sentiment, would be anathema.
Yet it is true that romanticism carried with it much vague and insincere sentimentality, and it was partly against this that Johnson protested.
Once there, I believed I could force on the visit to the lawyer, even if my uncle were now insincere in proposing it; and, perhaps, in the bottom of my heart, I wished a nearer view of the sea and ships.
It seemed to her that both she and all of them were insincere, and she fell so bored and ill at ease in that world that she went to see the Countess Lidia Ivanovna as little as possible.
Then he laughed in his loud, boisterous, insincere fashion.
Psychobabble (defined by Webster as talk or writing that employs the language and concepts of psychology and psychiatry in a trite and superficial way,) claptrap (defined by Webster as showy, insincere, empty talk or writing, intended only to get applause or notice,) is the best description of this attempt to prove that private schools are actually no better or worse than public schools.
The outraged manager isn't interested in insincere sentiments Turn to Page 65
The apology should have been regarded as calculated, insincere and just cheap talk.
Since Wales is not represented on either the Union Flag, or the Royal Standard, Mr Brown should direct his energies in rectifying this glaring anomaly, before embarking on an insincere gimmick to boost his own standing.
The Los Angeles City Council is set to revive the insincere lap-dance ban.
I know they do a lot of work for charity and maybe they thought it would have been insincere to yield to a campaign when they had nothing to feel guilty about.