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Synonyms for insincere

Synonyms for insincere

not genuine or sincere

not being what one purports to be

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Indeed, the probabilities are that the more insincere the man is, the more purely intellectual will the idea be, as in that case it will not be coloured by either his wants, his desires, or his prejudices.
The exercise of any kind of volition by a man whose consciousness is reduced to the sensation that he is being killed by "that sort of thing" cannot be anything but mere trifling with death, an insincere pose before himself.
I am always insincere, as always knowing there are other moods.
1 / 4 The refugees who spoke to Arab News thought the Myanmar government was insincere about repatriation efforts.
He is trying to create corruption-free Pakistan and make all the corrupt, dishonest, and insincere elements accountable irrespective of their social, political status.
He added that Locsin's apology to Vice President Leni Robredo was 'insincere.'
ACT issued the statement Thursday in response to Education Undersecretary Alain Pascua's commentthat the teachers' organization wants to portray the government as "insincere" and "heartless." This, after ACT Teachers party-list representatives called on DepEd to solve the shortage in facilities, learning resources and personnel in public schools.
Summary: Gargash: Retreat can be due to pressure, insincere intentions or absence of credibility
ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Monday said involving the prime minister in the issue of Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was low minded act and politically insincere.
Mhairi Black MP has blasted the prime minister for an "insincere" response on why a woman was sent away from an ESA medical assessment.
But, like their TV apology, I found the routine insincere, unconvincing and clunky, with Seann grinning like a madman and trying too hard throughout.
He added that the era of insincere politicians came to an end as people rejected the so-called politicians of Balochistan looting provincial resources in the name of Balochistan Khursheed Jamali said that fortunately now people of Balochistan have powerful voice at center and provincial level which cannot be silenced any way.
KHYBER-PAKHTUNKHWA -- Unfortunately, since its inception Pakistan has been ruled by insincere politicians and weak institutions which even after seventy years have failed to realise their duties and obligations towards our nation and the state.
'Other than insincere promises to nab the culprits, we do not see any serious commitment to get to the real masterminds of the robberies,' the trio said in a joint statement.