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A year ago, the company hired Mary Ann Tighe, a top broker at Insignia, to run its New York operation and gave her a $100 million budget.
Insignia gains significant financing to continue to execute on its innovative Over-The-Air Repair firmware update software, Secure System Provisioning, as well as a highly leveraged entry into esmertec's customer base and markets.
Mark McMillan, Chief Executive Officer of Insignia Solutions, said, "Although our revenue this year has been impacted by the de-listing and subsequent business challenges, we are pleased that revenues have re-bounded well and we anticipate reporting a profitable Q4 and solid year over year growth.
MetaPartners will operate as Insignia MetaPartners, and will adopt Insignia's policies and procedures, operating platform and corporate governance protocols.
Mark McMillan, President and CEO of Insignia Solutions said, "Insignia's mobile device management solutions are seeing increased adoption by mobile operators and phone manufacturers.
Barnicke Insignia, is also a fantastic fit culturally too," added Ron Uretta, Insignia/ESG's president.
This decision allows Insignia to proceed with this critical litigation," said Scott Drill, CEO, of Insignia.
As an Insignia affiliate, Meridian will operate as Insignia Meridian, and adopt Insignia's policies and procedures, operating platform and corporate governance protocols.
In June 2005, Insignia and Huawei entered into a partnership agreement to address an impending need by operators worldwide to remotely manage and update mobile devices.
Insignia Solutions (NASDAQ:INSG) announced that it has received a notice today from NASDAQ that shares of its common stock will be delisted from The NASDAQ Capital Market effective as of the opening of business on April 25, 2006 for failure to comply with NASDAQ Marketplace Rule 4310(c)(2)(B)(i), which requires the Company to maintain a minimum of $2.
Insignia/ESG also delivers advanced commercial real estate services in the United Kingdom through Insignia Richard Ellis, and in France through Insignia Bourdais, as well as through other Insignia subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Insignia Solutions (Nasdaq:INSG) today announced that it has amended the registration rights agreement relating to the private placement that it completed in December 2005, such that the Series B Preferred Stock of the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Insignia Solutions, Inc.
Insignia Financial Group announced that the company has executed agreements for $50 million of new capital through a private investment by funds affiliated with Blackacre Capital Management, LLC.
Insignia Solutions (Nasdaq:INSG) today announced that it will not file its Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2005 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in time to meet the extended deadline of April 17, 2006, as the Company has not concluded its year-end audit.
Insignia Solutions (Nasdaq:INSG), a leading mobile device management solutions provider, today announced that Fusion Capital Fund II, LLC (Fusion), an institutional investor, has exercised 2,000,000 warrants at $0.