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shrewdness shown by keen insight

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Brown also thinks that Tran has all the qualities of his mother, such as patience and insightfulness.
His staff nods wildly in appreciation of the bossman's insightfulness on things cultural.
Variety magazine calls the powerful play as "an intensely emotional examination of grief, laced with wit, insightfulness, compassion, and searing honesty.
Openness to experience personality dimension contain intelligence aspects such as creativity, insightfulness, flexibility, independence and inquisitiveness.
Most edited volumes cannot gather studies of equal value and insightfulness or cater to all expectations.
And sometimes there is simply no substitute for reading the original for its concise insightfulness or poetry of expression; indeed, a book of this nature lacking such quotes would be highly suspect and probably not very useful.
It is a newspaper that's respected across the world for the independence of its reporting, and for the insightfulness of the journalists who work for it.
The poignancy and profundity of King's praxis that Burrow articulates augment the reader's ability to reach a new appreciation of King with matchless depth and insightfulness.
The first was attending a lecture at Boston College given by Harold Cruse, who spoke with incisive insightfulness and pointedness out of his reflected-on extensive experiences and weighty considerations that he had set forth in The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual (2) and in reviews and essays collected and republished under the title Rebellion or Revolution.
Looking at the growing development of world-class research institutions in the region, His Royal Highness praised the quality of research data being generated in the GCC noting its accuracy, reliability and insightfulness.
1992), these rubrics helped the department judge whether students were showing signs of heightened creativity/imagination, curiosity, ambition, competitive spirit, productivity, divergent thinking, willingness to take risk, tolerance of ambiguity, insightfulness, cooperativeness, articulateness, strong engagement, self-reflection, the acquisition of new skills, and an inclination to become more promotional as the summer unfolded.
From her autobiography and biographies we may sketch an image of a woman who experienced a lot but never lost her wit and insightfulness.
The insightfulness of Flegel's chapter on animals and children makes this gap all the more noticeable.