insider trading

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buying or selling corporate stock by a corporate officer or other insider on the basis of information that has not been made public and is supposed to remain confidential

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But the argument might be strengthened by showing the impossibility of bona fide agreements to engage in insider trading.
Insider trading is probably the most known and publicized white-collar crime.
Fortunately for Mickelson, pending the Dean Foods investigation, or in December 2014, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (which includes New York) threw out another insider trading case known as the Todd Newman case.
Under [section] 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (20) and Rule 10b-5, (21) which the Securities and Exchange Commission promulgated pursuant to its powers under [section] 10(b), a person is guilty of insider trading if the Government can prove: "(i) the existence of a relationship affording access to information intended to be available only for a corporate purpose, and (ii) unfairness of allowing a corporate insider to take advantage of that information by trading without [public] disclosure.
Atlanta, Georgia-based BasisCode Compliance has introduced Insider Trading Manager, the first comprehensive insider trading software, which tracks and analyzes trading in real-time and detects suspicious trades, the company said.
On November 19, it unveiled new insider trading norms which inherently put the onus on the accused to prove that they are not in possession of unpublished price sensitive information.
Insider trading inquiries reportedly taking place regarding government employees
If insider trading was legal, the George Mason economist Henry Mannes told The Washington Post last year, "The many Enron insiders who knew what was going on would have sold their shares, the price would have corrected itself and disaster might have been averted.
Discussions on High Profile Insider Trading Cases, including the Role of Economic Analyses and Key Takeaways
Not surprisingly, insiders use their control of the firm to engage in indirect insider trading.
Court of Appeals in New York yesterday rejected his argument that the judge improperly instructed the jury on how to consider the issue of willful blindness at his insider trading trial.
5m as settlement against charges of insider trading by its co-founder and analyst.
Our database of insider trading filings shows that three other insiders bought shares in May of this year (http://www.
has come under intense scrutiny during a federal insider trading investigation.
Summary: Insider trading, a subset of securities fraud, is a dominant evil in