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important information about the plans or condition of a corporation that has not been released to the public

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It was a straightforward commercial transaction and was never based on insider information, he said.
Earlier this year, Nomura Securities officials were found to have leaked insider information to customers about public share offerings planned by Inpex Corp.
The Helsinki district prosecutor decided that six persons who were part of LSO Osuuskunta's management at the time will be charged with aggravated abuse of insider information.
Talentum said that its acquisition of its own shares in 1999 had been under the investigation of authorities due to possible misuse of insider information.
STOCK REPURCHASE PROGRAMS CAN POSE PROBLEMS for financial executives because they may raise concerns at the SEC about insider information and stock manipulation.
Wall Street elders insist that up-and-coming investmentbankers like Dennis Levine, who pleaded guilty to parlaying insider information to build a $12.
The insider information, Klein said, was intended to help the senator avoid conflicts of interest.
And does corruption - expensive trips and other perks in exchange for insider information - plague county contracting?
The combination of our product offering with Brian's wealth of insider information will definitely be a great help for agents, buyers and sellers.
The SESC has separately proposed the FSA fine some of Nomura's institutional clients, including both domestic and foreign financial institutions, for trading based on insider information about the new share issues by major companies, including Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
You will not want to miss this valuable insider information.
Exceptional Means feels a lot like an extension of the book with its pages and pages of insider information.
Now in its fourth year, Motor Trend RADIO features interviews with its award-winning editors, influential industry leaders, and other personalities in the automotive industry, along with the latest news and insider information about motor sports, road tests, future products and live coverage of major events and auto shows.
It has been long pointed out that in Japan the volume of stock trading abnormally expands ahead of the announcement of large new share issues, due apparently to such short-sellers trading on insider information and others following suit.