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Synonyms for inside-out

with the inside surface on the outside

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It took about a year of persuasion before the universities and the Oregon Department of Corrections approved the program, says Inderbitzin, who first heard of Inside-Out after seeing an e-mail about the program looking for instructors.
The fact that Inside-Out has been an established program for a decade at other universities and prisons throughout the nation definitely helped, Long says.
The Inside-Out program is the brainchild of Temple University criminal justice professor Lori Pompa.
They do things that Streb finds real--moves called dominoes, slices, ex-flips, inside-outs, sparkles, pinwheels, sidelines, and slams.
Don't misunderstand me; the universe inside-outs itself from anthrocentric to solarcentric, nations topple, dinosaur ideas stalk the land .