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Synonyms for inset

a small picture inserted within the bounds or a larger one

an artifact that is inserted or is to be inserted

a piece of material used to strengthen or enlarge a garment

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Rex Phillips, Wales organiser of the NASUWT said: "Teachers have welcomed additional inset days in the past now he's taken them away he needs to be lowering the expectation of the training and support that can be given to teachers.
Those inside the education establishment argue that an inset day in September is absolutely necessary to ensure quality teaching is delivered to our young people.
Inset pieces are presented with the requirement that audiences onstage and offstage "correctly interpret" the plays presented; further, offstage audiences must investigate the moral and intellectual aspects of the spectators' behavior.
Alain Ducasse, inset right, opened the restaurant, but recently passed the reins onto his protege Tony Esnault.
A variety of meats and vegetables are cooked on grills, inset into the tables, at the lively new Korean restaurant Han Woo Ri in Northridge.
INSET Access would enable clients of SIS SegaInterSettle to trade on NeoNet's 13 connected European equity marketplaces and settle seamlessly with SIS SegaInterSettle on all of these markets, according to the company.
Herzog and de Meuron's attention to detail is evident throughout, with inset lighting tracks, playful dented handrails and graceful wall-mounted sliding doors that eliminate floor tracks allowing smooth level access throughout.
A six-page, foldout poster show the new color classification, with inset photos depicting more than 270 standard colors and the complete selection of patterns and surface designs.
The flap was inset to establish bilateral epithelium-lined ports that were capable of accommodating an 18 French catheter.
Left inset, McDonnell Aircraft's XFD-1, the first naval aircraft with turbojet engines, was the prototype for the FH-1 Phantom jet fighter.
This knife has an Amboynia Burlwood handle with a sterling silver 100-year logo, inset with diamonds.
Inset, top right: Three-piece wool, double-sleeve suit with three buttons, inverted- front pleated jacket with large chinchilla collar and long-sleeve removable bolero with chinchilla cuffs.
The names of subgroups are inset slightly, and the names of individual occupations are inset further.
The surface of molten aluminum may be covered with films and dross, as shown in Inset A.