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lacking consciousness or ability to perceive sensations

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Rather than being a living thing, she thinks, it is more like "a ghost or a spirit" (106), something on the borderline between sentience and insentience, as well as between life and nonlife.
They discuss Buddhism in Chinese literature, the Chinese god Nezha and his Indian roots in stories about Nalakubara and Krsna, the role of the god Yama in India, the conceptions of the figure of the Buddha in terms of sex, the Asoka legend in the Wuyue period, how major monasteries in premodern China constructed monastic family lines going back to India, the legends of Bodhidharma for understanding the origin of Chinese Chan Buddhism, nirvana and insentience in Buddhism, and Daoism.
sa [manye]ta ksanam iva dinam kalpavad vasateyim kuryad bodhad api bahumatam cetanavaiparityam I candralokad api visarasam candanad apy alatam mandaspandad api ca maru[tah kalpaye]d vajrapatam II (HSVBB 97) A second seems like a day to her, a night like an aeon.(56) She prefers insentience to mindfulness, poison to moonlight, coal to sandalwood balsam, and she'd rather be hit by a hurricane than be touched by the soft flutter of the breeze.
Good character, by contrast, like the sense of sight, "makes us know, and makes many differences clear." (86) As a form of insentience, finally, bad character is a form of death--for to live insentient, as plants do, is in a sense "to lie dead and unbeing." (87) Through the completions that keep them from such a death, human beings attain the stature marked out for them in Aristotle's ethical works.
Jelantik's main intention is to describe the characteristics of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi, who created the world and everything living there, especially human beings; and to characterize the basic dichotomy described in Tattvas, namely between the metaphysical principles of Sentience (cetana) and Insentience (acetana), which accounts for the entire creation.
In victims the bite causes a spreading insentience, a rising tide of paralysis.
And the story is more disturbing and provocative, as a presentation of human sentimentality and insentience, if it is read as realist.