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Addressing journalists, chairman, JOHESU of the UITH, Comrade Olatunde Oluwawumi, accused the outgoing Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the hospital, Professor Abdulwaheed Olatinwo, of insensitivity to workers' plight over the years, vowing to shut down the hospital as soon as the union receives directive in that regards from the parent body.
The patient's medical history revealed that he was clinically diagnosed with HSAN type IV at the age of 15 months by his pediatrician based on the characteristic clinical features including insensitivity to pain, self-mutilation of the lips and tongue, tissue loss due to burn injury of the second right finger, corneal ulceration, scleral hyperemia and central neurotrophic keratitis, deep oral ulcers and the sural nerve biopsy.
The syndrome of congenital insensitivity to pain with anhydrosis (CIPA) can be diagnosed clinically and confirmed by genetic testing.
This is an example of the teka-teka (wait-and-see attitude) and insensitivity of the administration.
The insensitivity of the boys' behaviour is made worse because they were on a trip to remind this and future generations of the wickedness of the Nazi extermination programme.
Key words Congenital insensitivity pain anhidrosis Pakistan.
In patients with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis syndrome, mutations in the TRKA (NTRK1) gene which codes the TRKA receptor have been defined.
The etiology of this syndrome is congenital insensitivity to androgens transmitted by means of a maternal X-linked recessive gene responsible for androgen intracellular receptors (1).
Summary: Actor Sean Penn has accused the United Kingdom of insensitivity for sending Prince William to the Falklands.
Since this government was elected we've seen nothing but insensitivity, disrespect and broken promises for First Nations and Metis people of Saskatchewan.
Just the insensitivity of having the murderers and the victims all being dealt with in the same process and the families mixing together.
Only through the appointment of special police with known sensitivity to animal issues, what other countries call animal police, can we tackle police insensitivity to these issues," he said referring to the spate of animal poisoning plaguing the country.
Warner added: "Such insensitivity and disrespect were again most recently displayed by you having summoned D wight Yorke to England, rendering him unavailable to face the USA.
They have let this family down and are lucky not to have been jailed for this blatant lack of responsibility and insensitivity.
Six Flags is meant to be a place for family fun, not a place to teach children insensitivity to animals.