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the inability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment

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I want to tell you that the era of insensitiveness and indifference is now over.
Still, due to gross incompetency and insensitiveness of the material management department, hospital supplies were deficient everywhere in the hospital and patient healthcare delivery systems were getting adversely affected.
p] presents insensitiveness to microstructural factors, and [U.
People in Okinawa lament the government's insensitiveness in celebrating the day when the seizure of their land by "bayonet and bulldozer" and the cruel control by the U.
Sir was brief, and lacking incendiary that has made ministers to Sir Richard's evidence was brief, unsentimental and lacking in the kind of incendiary insensitiveness that has made it easy for ministers to dismiss people like Professor David Nutt, who argued two years ago that Ecstasy was less dangerous than horse riding.
The insensitiveness to this type of interference is due to the use of the shadow detection algorithm in the segmentation step (Fig.
The Report cautioned that "[t]he political domination of education by a remote central government, managed by administrative officers far removed from local conditions and sympathies, has always led to the evils of bureaucratic unresponsiveness to local and to changing needs, to bureaucratic standardization, red tape, and delay, and to official insensitiveness to the criticism of far-distant parents and citizens.
In fact, the silence about and condemnation of the cannibalistic act sets the ego of the modern individual against the cannibalistic imprint of the irrational, where one finds the morbid failure to distinguish between anthropophagy, insensitiveness and cruelty, in short, what any missionary might regard as a basic form of demonism.
Insensitiveness, opacity, inability to make connections, often accompanied by low "animal" cunning.