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the inability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment

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Many would read in them biases toward one group or another, and they would be accused of social insensitiveness.
Nobody apparently knows the cause of her death, but her last wish is enough to confirm it that she had died of excessive depression, burdened by the insensitiveness and helplessness of her parents and the cruelty of the prevailing social order.
AT a time when the Siddaramaiah- led Congress government in Karnataka is facing severe criticism for its insensitiveness towards crimes against women, state minister M.
20 Indeed for many early immigrants part of entering the United States was the Anglicization' of their names usually forced upon them by clerical error and insensitiveness to the foreigners' feelings.
The indignant and banal attempt to "theatricalize" the torture of animals was further evidence of the degeneracy of the vivisector, for insensitiveness to suffering could not take a more disquieting shape than an arrogant exhibitionist desire to entertain and induce awe in audiences.
Expressing concern over growing insensitiveness of Bangladesh government toward citizens, Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch said that this year has been tragic for Bangladesh, with political unrest leading to unnecessary deaths of protesters, security personnel, and bystanders.
This was due to the insensitiveness of the external hyphae of G mosseae to these herbicides.
If altruism stood as the most valuable outcome of herd sensitiveness, in the responsiveness to change that was part of an attentiveness to others, then, this type's insensitiveness to experience and feeling, and its overdependence on herd suggestion worked in the opposite direction.
I do not want to dwell into details of the past corruption in this address; but I do want to give you at least two examples of the insensitiveness and plunder which are directly related to power generation and load-shedding.
Fortune remains unaffected by the woods and their message; appropriately enough, the reader appears to replicate the insensitiveness of this character.
Still, due to gross incompetency and insensitiveness of the material management department, hospital supplies were deficient everywhere in the hospital and patient healthcare delivery systems were getting adversely affected.
People in Okinawa lament the government's insensitiveness in celebrating the day when the seizure of their land by "bayonet and bulldozer" and the cruel control by the U.
The insensitiveness of politicians in a moment of great strain is powerfully parodied.
p] presents insensitiveness to microstructural factors, and [U.